"The return of E Pluribus Unum."

I didn't stay up to catch the O-man's semi-SotU last night, but am glad to see the headlines and pollsters seemed to like it.

What I did do this morning was read Larry Jones' revision 99 take, which literally inspired me with this one line:

>> Reagan/Bush era over


That led me to a comment (hah! of course!) which required just a wee bit o' Googlin'. This is what I found.

Out of the 150 year debate (about Communism) and fifty-year (Cold) war all aspects that could be labeled as “socialistic” or “communistic” could be branded as “evil.” The fight between “socialized” or “universal” healthcare is emblematic of this phenomenon. Whenever an aspect of our society could be viewed as ‘communistic’ we adjusted to move strongly against it. The rhetoric beginning in the Reagan era and continuing through today is quite demonstrative of this mentality. For example, the famous line from the movie Wall Street, ‘Greed is Good,’ was recently the title of a Wall Street Journal editorial defending executive bonuses against the Administration’s proposed TARP legislation.
[Religious thought at its Best]

Off to do my part in keepin' my community strong (and my wallet fatter than flat. ;))


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