There Comes a Time

D'oh! I never did get around to plantin' my seed.

Eh. It's all good. Got to see my former step kiddo yesterday, and she's blooming like an angel spreadin' its wings. :) I do worry, though... {sigh}

Click on the pic and play the Growing Game yourself. (Don't forget to plant those seeds!)

Addendum Hint: I played again and dropped 3 seeds, but 'twasn't enough. Gave me 12% chance of progenating. Not surprising, I suppose.

Pump 'em out folks!



  1. As a frog with no little tadpoles of my own, I often wonder what will become of me in my dottage.

    I'm now dealing with my parents approaching the end of their lives, and I guess I'm worrying more about it these days.

  2. I do too, Kvatch. I never really have been one to plan so much for the future (a Life Ins policy picked up during marriage #2 not-with-standing) but am hoping I do the dream: Move to the desert before I'm too old, and find a nice spot to mummify. :) Strange, but dreamily serious.

  3. I have planned. Whew. There are some great programs out there that are affordable for elder care. Happy to pass them along for anyone interested.


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