They have so got to get this part of it right. The opportunity of the century, right at the start of it.

Obama/Clinton pull it off and there are no Dark Ages. They let it get too screwed up and it doesn't necessarily tip the West, let's face it, the wide world of peops into immediate chaos, but this decade may be a decisive one either way.

I'm watching the financial headlines every day, and I still think Obama's got a handle on it. Even if he is getting his hands burned much of that time.


  1. It would be nice if he didn't have to battle the 'tards at every turn, no? There are literally hundreds of "turrists" in Congress, ready to wage their jihad on Obama at every available opportunity. If the country gets tanked while they're doing it..... collateral damage, you know?

  2. Absolutely, JR. I was initially pissed at the Dems for getting "greedy" on the S.C.H.I.P legislation. Until the 'Pubs "reasoning" became clear. I know all nations have immigration problems, but the answer is NEVER to treat the immigrants like sub-humans. Never. And a large number of those Pubs just proved they hold Party higher than Humanity when they barked "treachery!" over it.

    As with the Grid Recon, this could be the Perfect Time to get together on Everything that really matters to the species and the planet, but Fear of any socialist ideas at all makes for some pretty damned ridiculous arguments from the right. No matter how fundamental to the U.S. Constitution's raison d'etre they are.

    Guess it's only collateral damage if it doesn't gut their own philosophical communicants.



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