"Yes We Can"

as the night falls
over us
keep in mind
that worlds spin
even in silence
bold being real
alive in frustration
and without
without awareness
point of view
comes the dawn
subside those fears
those hopes which stem from
need considers not
but propels all motion
all thought
all life
into existence and hard truth
cold and bright and hot and
and what will come
It's all good


  1. thanks for the great video. I've linked your blog because in Europe (and the rest of the world I guess) we watch closely the all-important presidential US election this year.

    I understand you are for Barack. I hope the outcome will be a dream ticket between him and Hillary, it wpuld be revolutionary for the whole planet, not just America.

    Visit my blog if you wish, leave a comment about your point of view on the election (or whatever else), and see if you like to reciprocate the link. ciao and... YES YOU CAN !!! :)

  2. You're welcome, and thanks back atchya, Miss Welby. I'll be stopping by your site before the day is out.

    Much as I read from some folks in the wider world, I just wish Obama or Clinton were running as Al Gore's VP on the ticket. Still and so...



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