What Do Baseball and Politics Have in Common?

Too bad Congress hasn't grilled this particular abuser nearly as much as it has the MLB.

Guess it's 'cause $hrub uses both the Carrot and the Stick. Despite its own kind o' sticks, all Major League Baseball can do is give the Critters free carrots.. errr.. I mean tickets if they'll - ahem - play ball.



  1. As the cartoon suggests, who cares if the boys of summer use drugs? The "National Pastime" pales in significance compared to the very real troubles we face in the (very real) world.

  2. And they're not only going after baseball...football is in their sights too. The great Arlen Specter is concerned that his beloved Steelers were spied upon [gasp!] by the New England Bin Ladens, I mean, Patriots! Hopefully somebody stops this warrentless eavesdropping on offensive coordinators before all our liberties are vanished forever!

  3. You know it Larry. All this fluff, as important as it sho is to tell kidz teh 'rhoids ain't right, is just BS to hide the Critters' lack of effort on actual serious Constitutional issues.

    Sick shit...

    Hey Agi, ya even notice how much The Hoodie looks like the Patriot on those helmets? Just sayin'...

    (New England Bin Ladens... Heheh...)

  4. hei!! I´m A Côca!!! Not cocoa. Anyway, thanks for mentioning me. Feel free to visit.

  5. Psst, somebody tell congress there is a war going on. One based on lies by the president of the United States. Could they look into that?

  6. But.. but.. but I thought you were chocolately smoothe, A côca!

    Errr... Done!

    Pop! But then they might have to earn those votes! It's so much easier just to buy them.


  7. The trivial pursuits of the politicians are sickening when one thinks of the death and destruction in Iraq.


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