Happy Belated Birthday!!!

So I've become one of those people who actually works all day long at work. (What went wrong?) I thought about posting a Happy 199th Birthday Darwin! but only briefly before many things came up, as they always do anymore.

'Sall good. I don't think he'll mind.


From New Scientist:
The website will concentrate on a different academic field inspired by evolutionary theory each month, beginning with the social sciences and economics. "Researchers are very keen to spread the message about Darwin's work," says Pat Middleton. "It's applicable to modern life itself."

Ironically, it's never entirely regardless of personal problems or proclivities that Darwin's great observation is constantly being worse than ignored or forgotten by uncounted millions of willfully delusional Homo Saps, despite its relevance to absolutely everything that Humanity sees, does and is.

That preeminent irony is one of the juicier, more fecund muses for this blog over the last few years. I hope that sites such as Darwin Today will continue to spring up and couple with immeasurable youthful aspirants to understanding in the decades to come. Such hopes may be all that stand between our species and premature self-extinction.


  1. the stakes are high. if we let the creationists get control of the curriculums we will be back to eating dung for dinner and burning witches before you can say 'dark ages'

  2. Dig it, Michael! Scary thing is, the folks to convince ain't the loverly psycho creationists, but yer average Joe/Jolene who doesn't even really know squat 'bout their own professed "Faith", so will side with the nutters 'gainst anyone remotely resembling an atheist.

    Is why I personally get off on cats like Dawkins and the so-called Brights, but still can't help but wince when they go on the attack (not that the latter does much of that.)

    Society is a Dangerous thing to try to reason with.

  3. It's kinda cool that Darwin's birthday has coincided with our National Sorry Day.

    Sadly there's also some twisted irony - part of the problem was caused by British academics who were into Eugenics. Nasty.

  4. May we all evolve into more reasonable, less superstitious creatures!

  5. I'd forgotten Darwin was so "old"; his ideas are still too new for too many.


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