Anywhere is home . .

. . when you're good with yourself.

Atheistically speaking, just replace "spirituality" with the more overtly general, "living the right way" and the willies go away. '-]

Things are going pretty darn well, so this reminder comes at a good time to prevent me losing track.

Namaste, ya know.



  1. "spirituality" is such a loaded word - everybody has their own definition of it, so it breeds confusion in conversations.

  2. The only thing wrong with being at home in your mind "spiritually" is that it seems my mind should take at least one day off every seven days - shut down completely. Have your ever tried to do bodily functions with your mind is completely at zero. It is messy!

  3. I heard that! And ya better have an understanding partner, eh Eddie.

    Alrighty then, folks. Off to Chicago and Milwaukee. Have fun while I'm gone!



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