Just Another "Just sayin'..."

Click the pic for the sadness growing.

On a personal note, my heart is more full than it's been in a Very Long Time.

As you may imagine, I'm good with that. :-)

Still, {sighhh} ...


  1. What a bittersweet-sounding quote that is, MB. Pretty and sad.

    I'm glad your heart is full.

  2. BG!!!! I've missed ya lots, Lady!

    And, Ginsberg's one o' those tragic figure, IMO. A moving a-hole who really seemed to know what he was talking about and had a poignant, if too confrontational, way of putting things.

  3. Hey MB,

    Anonymous is confusing me! I don't understand a word he/she's saying...


  4. I think it's in Google's rules: if you click on every character, eventually an angel will go insane.

    No worries!



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