Was Hollywood A Threat to Communism?

That was the first thing I thought when I read this BookTV Headline
Was Communism a Threat to Hollywood

The Holywood film Industry ( note the I ) was required to repulse Communism, which It didn't have to be that way, except in order to support, yes, Human Rights it's true, but mostly profiteers of the available physical reality of our ecosphere; a species specialization, against an economic philosophy which:
  1. 1) hadn't been tried outside the context of Fascism, quite possibly since the rise of pre-city states. Though it's true Hammurabai's Code rings powerfully true. It was the onset of great art & science as a hallmark of a species with a personalized raison d'tre for each individualized organism on a conscious level.
  2. now needs a fascist-free practical employment; I Believe it should be an economy of the most powerfully effective culturo-organelles of which every historically known economic philosophy is composed. The results of our existence are what count so admit the truth when you see it & not.
-101 = -&/+ § Conscious Life = Reality

In Quantum Bio Computing. The brainwave of the future of what is known to & by us.

* in order to be clear on bullets, I'm using software verson # style notation. 1.1, & would necessarily follow.

§ intersects meaning This is what we know. It's all we can go on in order to discover alles else.


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