I am astounded at the frequency with which I encounter people who profess a strong skepticim of biological evolution on this planet. As far as I can ascertain, the occurence of evolution isn't an issue that has any more points of debate; rather it is the mechanisms and primary origins of the life which is evolving that we are now using the scientific method to investigate, understand and utilize.

Scientific bloggers like PZ Miers, Orac and Phil Plait (amongst numerous others) have been metaphorical god-sends for helping me to understand the processes and occurences that lead from pre-biotic times, to
chemosynthesis, abiogenesis and photosynthesis. Resting on a base of Physical laws, these occurences happen because it makes sense for them to happen naturally. What we perceive as Random only seems that way until the principle's behind it are revealed through conscious experimentation.

Homo Sapiens occured because large numbers of pre-Homo animals benefitted from utilizing their awareness of their selves and their species-mates over hundreds of thousands of years. One powerful mechanism for this evolution was space-time: organisms interacting with each other then developing tendencies and abilities to manipulate and controll
their environment eventually leads to more complex abilities which allow more awareness and more ability to affect each other through means of individually and personally beneficient violence and persuasion evolving as exchanges of ideas and resources. This occurs to some variable but physically possible extent in all species of biological organisms. In H. Sapiens it goes all the way up to and includes the invention of animal & plant husbandry, the utilization of and then the mining of ores, cuneform writing into Hammurabai's Code, Abraham & Isaac to Jesus & Caesar, Hiroshima and "One small step for (a) man."

The species-pruning of events such as Noah's quite real regionally devastating flood, the Black Death other similar population shifting events, have given H Sapiens impetus to understand and control the environs in which we exist by any means we can develope and utilize effectively; both personally and as an emotional animal which places value on the happiness and smooth operation of our family, friends and neighbors. These driving forces of survival and happiness have led us to develope literally billions of cultural norms which work in conjunction with physical phenomena to effect and consciously ensure both happiness and survival on personal and societal levels.

For reasons which I can trace as far back as my kindergarden years (but which go back even further,)
I have individually evolved to be a lover of the social sciences, and am a person who is less than adept with mathematics and the equations made inevitable by the components of the Periodic Table of Elements which exist, not due to random chance, but from the fact of natural, physical and quantum laws that take place unconsciously in our natural world. It is the macro-results of these interactions, particularly as they are expressed in my species cultural evolution, which seem most clear to me.

I publish this blog using the tools of my personality and my knowledge on a bed-rock of technology other's have Created to that end. Sometimes that results in slapstick, and at others I feel like I've actually learned and grown in a positive and healthy way. Regardless of the apparent results, the point of Silly Humans is for me to express to the world of my species who and what I think, feel and believe. I do have pride in ability to make sense of my people's evolution on Earth and I blog, indirectly for the competition of ideas/displays, but more consciously in order to have a place where I can look back and see what about myself and my life I am proud enough or just plain determined to share with others. There are certainly things I don't share either because I am not comfortable with them personally or because they are someone else's business primarily and I need to let them go in order to both improve myself and respect their evolution.

The point of this post is actually quite simple: the Universe is complicated but being deciphered. As a conscious critter - H Sapiens - I can rely on the work, techniques and evidence of other H. Saps to discern what is Real in both my own personal existence and as an element of my species. BOTH of these perspectives occur within the Universe as a whole, and regardless of any ability to tell one from the other.

Religion is soooo incredibly powerful because the former enables the latter enables the former etc... etc.. etc.

It's personal and impersonal at the same time, regardless of whether I (we) share it or not.


  1. Yes! Evolution is not debateable. The very definition in layman's terms proves this:

    Evolution is the change in the gene pool of a population over time.

    Proven many times over. There are 2 choices: understand evolutionary theory or stick your fingers in your ears and ignore it!


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