5 Years In

For 5 consecutive years there have been H. Sapiens living night & day in the International Space Station.

Congratulations to the programs and people responsible.

When this is History - 50 years from now - industrial greenhouse gasses will no longer pollute our planet's biosphere. All such unusable resources will be excreted from orbiting factories me Green Buckaroos.

Global Warming is Real. And this is worth it to end that correlative with understanding and survival.
HOUSTON - The international space station Wednesday marked five continuous years of people living and working aboard it. But there wasn't much time for celebration.
15,000(2) feet of living space maintained for 5 years has giving scientists a test bed for the survival of our species on this planet by showing us precisely what is needed to survive in space. Mars will be no problem when we're finally able to setup this magnitude of human endeavor on that planet. What Pharao, King or Godking ever sat on such a throne as Orbit? or Mare Imbrium?or Mons Olympus? The latter spot sits outside the Martian atmosphere where a base might be setup in environmental conditions similar to the IST's.

And it comes with an added bonus! Should an asteroid or some such the size of Alaska or even the UK turns up to be in our path on the elliptic, and even should our entire biosphere be blown away, Homo Sapiens will survive. But not if we can't move.

I hope I've made it obvious that I think we're worth it.


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