BushCo® and the "L" Word

Richard Cohen has a scathing Op-Ed in Tuesday's Washington Post entitled "Iraq and the 'L' Word".
(The Invasion of Iraq) is a blunder without peer in American history and possibly an assault on democracy: The people, through their representatives, are supposed to make an informed decision about war. It is incredible to me that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about sex, but nobody -- that's nobody -- in the entire Bush administration has been fired, not to mention impeached, for this shedding of American blood. Cheney, a man of ugly intolerance for dissent, should have been the first to go. His has been a miserable, dishonest performance -- which he continues to this day.

I'll just say that I aggree with his position that someone in this Administration should pay for this atrocity.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. SomeONE? SomeMANY should pay. Cheney, Bush, Libby, Rove, Rice, Rummy...

  2. Yah they all sure should pay. I don't know how many, if even one more, will though.

  3. EXACTLY. I don't understand why they are like Teflon!

    Wait, I take that back. They run every branch of government. They're getting a free ticket to ride.

  4. Don'cha all remember? King George II was given instruction directly from no less authority than THE LORD GOD IN HEAVEN!

  5. THAT'S who instructed 'im?

    Dang! And I thought it was the THE LORD GOD in the Bath Tub blowin' bubbles in Georgie's ticklish li'l ears.

    Eh, what's the diff...


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