Voice of Moderation

The mindset that makes moderate imam Raed Hlayhel's
reaction to this publication is evidence that Sam Harris is not just spitting out anti-religious rhetoric. An Editor from Denmark's leading circulation daily, Jyllands-Posten, has recruited artists for a childrens' book on Islam in which the likeness of that religion's founder, Mohammed, will be depicted graphically.
Among those who attacked the newspaper's lack of sensitivity was prominent Copenhagen imam Raed Hlayhel, saying "I will not tolerate this. If this is democracy, we disagree with democracy."
You're kidding? Really? Why don't you tell that to George Bush so we can clear out of Iraq already (er, not gonna happen.) He seems to think your religion of peace and love must necessarily include democracy as a foundation for the Islamic future.

At least Bush sold the War in Iraq to American's on the basis on that argument. (Well, that and his conversations with his god, of course helped sell it.)

Of course, not all muslims feel the same as imam Hlayhel.
"People have a right to say what they want without being killed," says Nasim Rahnama, the 20-year-old Iranian woman who started a petition in support of the newspaper. "These Islamic groups have to be stopped. I just can't sit down and do nothing."

So far Ms. Rahnama, who moved here from Tehran four years ago, has collected over 150 signatures from Danish Muslims who support the paper's stance but says that she would have got many more if it weren't for people's fear that Islamic groups would find out.

I know that at least of couple of my muslim friends & aquaintences think more like Ms. Rahnama, but they aren't in positions that converge religious & political influence amongst wide numbers of others of their faith.

Individuals can always make up their own minds in a democracy. That's something else someone might want to tell the president and the imam.


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