More of the same . .

. . new approach to politics. Obama's campaign, even when pointing out their opponent's faults, continues to do eschew slinging mud. Their "attacks" upon Hillary Clinton are done in a manner more clean and relevant than anyone has seen in American politics in a Long While, if ever.

Rejecting Politics As Usual; Barack Obama.


  1. NICE!!!! Shame I can't vote, though.

  2. There's no question he is the one for me. I hope he makes it through the BS.

  3. Will you ever, Nava? I mean, or are you and the JohnnyB gonna be high-tailin' it back to Israel sometime? We could sure use your vote to offset the ignorami. {sigh}


    I'm fairly certain he'll survive the campaign trail, Steve. As you mentioned though, there'll always be ops for the attackers to assault reason.

  4. Will I ever>? I sure hope so. I'm just to lazy filling up all them forms. Or am I afraid to make the final commitment? Hmm...

  5. No worries, Nava. You're just cautious, and it seems to work well for ya!


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