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From the New York Times:
Sharp Drop in Jobs Adds to Grim Economic Picture
Published: March 8, 2008

In a report that was far worse than most analysts had expected, the Labor Department estimated that the nation lost 63,000 jobs in February. It was the second consecutive monthly decline, and the third straight drop for private-sector jobs.


Though monthly payroll data are notoriously volatile and subject to revision, the jobs report was so bleak that many of the few remaining optimists on Wall Street threw in the towel and conceded that the United States was already in a recession.

“Godot has arrived,” wrote Edward Yardeni, who had been one of Wall Street’s most relentlessly upbeat forecasters. “I’ve been rooting for the muddling through scenario. However, the credit crisis continues to worsen and has become a full-blown credit crunch, which is depressing the real economy.”

Aren't you glad you're still Rich?

Not just Nationwide, but right here in the C-town area; both personally and professionally. Lucky for me, I'm still employed, even though a little over 10% of my co-workers now are not. It was a pretty miserable week spent collecting PCs and Laptops and helping cleaning out the cubes and offices of people with whom I've worked for years. Due to the ice-storm we had here on Tuesday, I didn't make it in to work on Wednesday, the day we first found out who all was getting downsized. When I came in on Thursday I was too busy to ever get to my voicemail and yesterday, when I finally did, I found a message from a real good guy who was in the 10%, telling me he still had his cell and would I give him a call, just to say 'goodbye". By the time I did, he didn't any longer.

Good thing Bu$h and the Rethuglicans have focused on "protecting" us from 11th Century Terrorists in countries on our borders. Otherwise the United States might be facing some of the Darkest Days of the last hundred years.

Oh. Right... Well, nothing new there, then.

Good luck and remind your friends who don't pay any attention to politics that, you love 'em dearly, but this is Their Fault for letting such insanely delusional egomaniacs get the run of the country.


  1. I am glad you got to keep your job, but job security, retirement security, social security... those things just aren't reliable anymore. I wish that "progress" had brought good things in those areas.

  2. Dig it, Blueberry. I'm lucky to have the kind of job where it almost doesn't matter what's going on; whether growing or shrinking there's a lot of work to do. Plus I'll be able to find work in any field - should I need to if the stock market doesn't pick up in the next 6 mos to a year.


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