Gimme Humor or Gimme .. uhhh.. Somethin' Cool.


Truth be told, I wasn't originally sure whether the artist who created it was Pro or Con on Dawkins, et al. After a minute or so of watching, I really didn't care.


Tip o' m' cap to Decrepit Old Fool.


  1. What th...?
    That was rich.

  2. lmao! Uh huh..!

    I'm pretty sure it's IDist schtick, but don't care cuz it duz kinda rock and is Totally Ironic irregardless.


  3. You're right, MB. Clever video ... but one must ask: How does the intelligence that created that video come to believe so strongly in ID? Or a FatherSkyGod? Hmmm. Mysteries.

  4. Alas, seems too easily, Wren. Folk combine brilliance and idiocy all too well and all too often. Frequently in the same effort.

    Is why I say we're Oh! such Silly Humans.


    Nice avatar pic, btw. From your friend, right? :) Cool!

  5. Thanks, MB! This is the "me" I see, as sketched fast by me. I also did the quick sketch of my friend J, which I posted and I think to which you're referring. They were done moments apart. J assures me my vision of myself is accurate enough for sharing, so... I'm sharing. ;o)


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