Judaic myth-spouters and Evilutionsits be damned!

Or at least touched by His Noodly Appendage.


  1. What is the NCLB? And also, what in God's name is that picture?

  2. NCLB = No Child Left Behind (what Armstrong was shilling for the WH)


    The title - "Proof!!!" - is linked to the story on National Geographic. I thought maybe I should have included it in the post as well. Next time I will.

    The point of the post is that the pics are of 4000 year old noodles! That makes the "evidence" for the Flying Spaghetti Monster more ancient than anything dug up supporting Judaism.

    Of course "proof" is mere hyperbole unless one is a Believer. Thusly, I just posted the evidence rather than go on about how convincing it is. It's belief. Reason only obfuscates the truth of His noodly goodness. If one believes than what anyone has to say or show is of little or no relevance.


  3. er, then what anyone has to say... etc...

  4. How do you know that those "4000 year old" noodles were not simply planted there by the Supreme Semolina Himself as a test of our faith?

  5. I have Faith nanovirus! All else is spilt sauce.

    Actually... and now that you mention it, my Faith tells me that the science guys probably screwed up the actual dates (how could they actually know that kind of thing?) and that this Actual Evidence is actually the actual remains of the actual noodly nourishment the FSM fed to the Chinese Global Construction workers he employed to create the Earth 4.5 billion years ago.

    Hah! Prove THAT actually wrong!

    And don't go puttin' the Chicken Before the Egg. People came first, then came the rest of the planet.


    (hey, I think I've actually got the hang of this now... {-;)

  6. There ya go man!

    (BTW, ya might have a little fun over @ GifS.)


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