Bush's Need to Go Beyond

It's been said before, but Christopher Dickey says it pretty well here in his Shadowland column for Newsweek. W's delusion prohibits him, and his believers, to go beyond good and evil and see modern terrorism for what it really is.
What I missed, of course, was the decision by the Bush administration to make its first priority fighting evil in an endless war, rather than fighting men and ending the war.
The column is from Sept 13th but he is referring to his own understanding of specifically Islamic terrorism as he wrote about it in Sept, 01.

I'm tired but it is worth the read if you don't think we need to eradicate all religion; just the psychotic individuals that force it down non-subscribers' throats.



  1. Well, no one has ever accused the Religious Right of being exactly tolerant, have they? You used to come to my site, ConservativeDemocratNews, quite frequently as mbains, and I enjoyed your commentary. I hope that you will come again. I'm going to be printing a juicy little story that I don't think many people have gotten ahold of yet. Anyway, with the Republican scandals tearing thgough Congress, all imput would be welcome.


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