A Lot Has Been Said

So I'll just take a minute to remember what some people have been through fairly recently on the scale of human history.

It was less than an average lifetime ago that Rosa Parks refused - whatever her only human reasoning - to be forced from her chosen spot of one minute in our society. She was only required by a US Law to move a few feet backwards, and her refusal to do so had an irrevocable butterfly effect upon our species' bio-cultural evolution.

Mrs. Parks died yesterday at the age of 92.

An icon is created in our minds by virtue of its effect on our existence. Like so many icons throughout our evolution as intellectually conscious animals, Rosa Parks' virtuous individual act is owed much more than a moment of silent contemplation. Life being what it is, I offer this as one moment amongst those many.

My life and the lives of dozens of people whom I have personally known and loved are
better for her existence.

Adieu Ma'am.

And Thank you.


  1. It is fascinating to think that just 50 years ago human beings were treated as inferior by other human beings based solely upon their natural appearance.

  2. Great to draw attention this way to people who've really done something...


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