Running Dog of Capitalism

Or Pragmatist?

Personally, I've always liked and admired Henry Kissinger.
He is a Conservative but not a NeoCon. In this article/interview in the NYSun, Kissinger describes one reason for the animosity of political debate today.

"When I started in government 35 years ago, one had many opponents. But there was a bedrock of people who were quite well informed at the outset of many of the aspects of the issues. But it's much less today. People take positions before they've studied the issues. Their views on issues reinforce set positions rather than the other way around."

I've found his reasoning to be realistic in my own experiences as well. It comes from both sides, though I think Conservatives who have associated themselves with the Religious Right are the worst offenders because they've chosen a stance that is blatantly based upon the grotesque gobbledeegoop of the god-premise.


  1. Kissinger not a NeoCon?!

    Wow... Guess I didn't yet have my noggin' wrapped 'round what it means to be one when I wrote that.

    Ahh well... Live and learn and Still admire much of what herr Kissinger has done, even if his premise of a U.S. hegemony over the sources of oil is as deadly, insanely hubristic as anyone's.

  2. Kissinger = war criminal


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