Because it counts

Henry Morgenthaler may not care personally (I really don't know), but I'd like to join the small but growing crowd calling for kudos to be given to The University of Western Ontario when they bestow upon the good Doctor an honorary Doctor of Laws degree on June 16th.

Apparently the UoWO has received quite a few more remonstrances than they have Hoo Rahs! for the occasion.

If you support women's right to choose medical care that is appropriate for them, regardless of what some IDiotic cultural superstitions decree, please send an email to the universtity.

Email to:
Dr. Paul Davenport, President, UWO

Don McDougall, Chair of Board of Govenors
c/o Jan VanFleet, University Secretary

Its just a quick way to help the cause of personal freedom and cultural liberty.

Thanks to SoapBox for the information.


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