A Letter to George Will

Upon reading George Will's Washington Post column from 042205, I felt the urge to write and thank the man. Here is my email on the matter.

Dear Mr Will

When confronted with the overload of emphasis on self-esteem,
you ask "Is not unearned self-esteem a more pressing problem?" and I must agree that the evidence supports a positive response. I ask is not unearned self-hatred an even more pressing problem? Agreeing to both suppositions most certainly does not exclude either from importance. (unfortunately in my actual email, I included an extra not in my question. What a silly human I can be...)

I always find wisdom in your commentaries. I consider myself Liberal because I am open minded when it comes to trying new things. I rarely think of myself as a Conservative and I don't always agree with your specifics, but I continue to find value from the Right of the political spectrum in the thoughts which you express. Reading your column helps me see the Reason in staying the middle course; ready to bash the Lefty Radical New-Agers and NeoCon Reactionary fascist with equal, and I hope erudite, aplomb.

My humble thanks for another insightful and fun to read commentary.


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