Bolton Confirmation Needs More Scrutiny

Its funny but this is the one nutter whom W has nominated that I was leaning towards accepting because I thought he would be fine despite his specious and nationalist attitude toward the UN. After all, aren't self-assesment and rational self-interest just as important for the United Nations as for any individual.


On the other hand, George Voinovich is the only Republican I vote for regularly and I'm proud of his stance on this issue. I'm glad he was the one who brought it up because, despite my love for the phrase,
"Seek truth for authority, not authority for truth", I all too often "trust" those I trust for my information. GV's public remonstrance to slow down the fast-track for this anti-diplomat encouraged me to check out Bolton a little more carefully.

Decide for yourself though. Here's the Google Search I did. Enjoy whilst squirming in fear at the kind of close-minded,
authoritarian individuals our NeoCon "masters" would have representing America, Inc.

And my thanks to Georgie V for reaffirming my decisions to vote for him in his last 3 runs for office. See? Ohio ain't just another Red State.


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