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"I have no investment in causing controversy," he said. "I am happy to avoid it if that's where the science leads us."

President Barack Obama
March 24, 2009 News Conference

I haven't posted one of these in a while, but this one, referencing Embryonic Stem Cell research backed by U.S. government funds is WAAAAYYY worth remembering.

You go O!


  1. I love reading BO quotes. They usually give me hope.

  2. They sure do, don't they! I think it's 'cause even though he knows he doesn't have all the answer, he also knows something so many partisans from each side the American aisle refuse to acknowledge; there are ALWAYS answers to be found when you don't look with Ideological Blinders on our eyes.

    RAmen to that!

  3. 'Bout time the scientists get put in charge of The Science.


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