I Was Told To Write or Die. What did I do???


It was Write or Die.

Yeah. I did. Not die. I wrote. I did write. I did not die. 400 words in 9.5 minutes
It's says 430 in 24 mins but 430 came in ten, I just didn't see those Done and Pause buttons right away. Thanks to BG for finding it first.

All I'm writing is what I wanted to happen. It's all right here... In my skull. It's happening right now.

When Thoran began to recognize Ainshee it was only a matter of heart beats until there's were in sync. Now to more unpleasant matters.

Calling in a request for a straphing run wasn't his idea of fun, but Kelmin knew he had to make odds on this one. If footstroup 148 didn't hold the Gzaln from raking through another batch of fore armour First Lt Chemmy Kelmin knew whose ass was gettin' slung out the airlock.

Metaphorically, at any rate. More importantly, and predictably Chemmy thought, it was bust him down in rank again. Strike 3 and no more commands, no matter how unwanted in the first place.

All they have to do is what they've practice the last 3 weeks, 24.2/8. Ajngjardta isn't all a hellish planetoid. If it massed just a few hundred megatonnes more it might just have been able to keep its prehistoric atmosphere. As is, this ball of ice is still churning under the mantle, volcanic activity is part of the Home Planet's defenses, and Chemmy knows the particular rift, the one Bad Guys kaisan ) had to come over if they wanted to avoid getting blasted to meteorites by Tec Def.

This place holds too much meaning fo such a puny, lifeless piece of rock, but Home's reasons hit closer than the the kaisan. Their home is a number of millions of kilometers away. This is just a checkpoint on their "discovering" of the Galactic neighborhood. It doesn't seem to matter to them at this point that we're kinda, sorta even, living here. It's not like we wouldn't have let them use the couch, as it were, out around pluto for a while. Hell, even Neptune can be a little snuggly when you've got the right company sitting round the "fire" with ya. But these boys ain't quite that. Thanks god, with what's starting to scream over the smokey ash clouding the rim of the horizon.

Kasain is comin' to town.

Amazingly, after several minutes of typing it out, I'm ready to start writing a story. No Ellipsis.

Sentimental value is never enough when it's causing pain. Don't get me wrong. Seriously, please don't get me wrong. You have to let go of it respectfully. However those who hold it most dear would want it. But if it's got to go, then make it a chance for yourself in a different context. Imagine a lot o' things.


  1. Yeah. The way the screen turned purple and pink when I stopped writing for more than a few seconds was TERRIFYING!


  2. Good stuff! BG always finds the good stuff.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. You goin' to have some o' those Shamrock drafts, AG? ;-) Enjoy!

  4. "... if they wanted to avoid getting blasted to meteorites ..."

    I just love that. Great start for your story, MB. As a long-time SF fan, I can't wait to read yours. That Dr. Wicked is pretty cool, huh.


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