Make of This What You Will

As much as I'd really like, I still don't believe in "magic", per se.



  1. Happy New Year MichaelBains!

    Maybe Fox News will go broke this year. Ha ha.

  2. Happy New Year, MB.

    I can't believe that I saw that. How come no one's had Fox News prosecuted for misrepresenting themselves as a "News" channel, yet?

  3. Happy NY to y'all as well!

    Fox "News" would indeed make a nice target for a breakup. Unfortunately, w/ the Econ grabbing all the new Prez's focus, w/ Rupie adding the WSJ to his portfolio, it looks like we're gonna have to put up w/ corporate infotainment for awhile yet.

  4. HN Year (had to be original!).

  5. Fox News? My eyes! My eyes!

    I believe in young girl's heart.

    (Note my new blogging home.)


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