One Down, Endless to Go

Good news on the Evolution -v- Evil Notion front.

Creationism defeated in Texas
Campaigners against the teaching of creationism in science lessons last week celebrated a key victory in Texas.

In meetings to revise science standards in Texan schools, the 15 members of the Texas State Board of Education elected to get rid of wording which has allowed the standing of evolution to be attacked for 20 years in Texan science lessons.

The offending wording invites teachers and students to debate "strengths and weaknesses" of scientific theories. In practice, this was used as a pretext to attack evolution in lessons and textbooks.

"Removing the concept of 'strengths and weaknesses', when the supposed weaknesses are completely bogus, is a real victory," says Michael Zimmerman of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, and a campaigner against creationism.

[What you don't know, may well hold you back]

The subtleties are important because the inform kids' approach to reality for the rest of their lives. They'll always have the freedom to choose to believe in, not just fairy tales, but anything or nothing at all. What the state of Texas owes them, what all governments owe their citizens, is the opportunity to develop their own minds rationally. What they do with those minds is up to them.

I know too many Very Intelligent people who consciously refuse to accept the readily observable fact of biological evolution simply because it conflicts with a literal interpretation of their religious text of choice. Even though they can and do comprehend the theory, they refute its veracity for the simple expedient of their own lack of a "God's eye view". Something they claim their own beliefs are based upon when God gave the info to their authors.


Now to see how the peops of Cali deal with the reality they've dug for themselves...


  1. And I do hope there is more to GO.

  2. Think it's gonna be a busy Admin!

  3. The especially ridiculous part is that the head of the Texas State Board is a Young Earth Creationist who only believes the earth is a few thousand years old. I don't understand how you can be in charge of an educational organization when you constantly piss all over the educational process.

  4. Ain't it the truth, Brando! YECkies have got to be the most irrational group of peops on the planet, and yet you really can run into them in all walks o' life and at - and here's the amazing thing - nearly any possible IQ level. Bizarro man!

    Just goes to show that Faith of that type can stunt even the most nimble minds.

  5. It's true, lots of very intelligent people do believe this stuff or other, equally bizarre stuff. That's because they don't get there by thinking, they get there by allowing emotions, superstitions and fear get the upper hand. It's powerful stuff.

  6. I just don't understand people. Honestly. Evolution is a theory. One that is well supported.

    Why is this so offensive to people?

    Why we cannot keep religion in the home, where it belongs, is beyond me!

  7. I wish Georgia would fall in step.

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