More Behe BS

As I've posted before I subscribe to a newsletter from The Christian Post.* In this Friday's installment is a link to an interview with biochemist, Michael Behe: Intelligent Design's preeminent advocate.

Of course I had to comment. I really appreciate that ability and wish more "mainstream" news organizations would supply such.

Enjoy, or not.
Behe's denials not-with-standing, the man makes a Great theologian.

"Intelligent Design" is not scientific because, as Doc Behe so emphatically denies and then demonstrates, it is premised upon allegory and analogy. That is what it makes it, quite possibly, the best Theological Hypothesis to ever try and account for the existence of our universe. It certainly destroys Judaeo-Christian-Islamic creationism at any rate (not to mention any of the world's other creation myths...)

As science it doesn't work though. How do you test for this Intelligent Designer? When Behe et al can answer that in a demonstrable and testable manner, ID will at least be on its way to being a scientific theory instead of just what some folks are thinkin' aloud.

* Warning: Obvious Cultural Agenda-driven reporting involved. Similar to The Nation or The New Republic in intensity of Emotion over Reason.


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