Letting Go for the "Parental God"

I thoroughly enjoy visiting my online friend Paul's A Spiritual Diablog. Paul is a theist with whom I feel great kinship. Even when I don't wish to comment, there are angles covered there that I can appreciate. Usually it is Paul doing the covering. Sometimes one of his commenters piques my interest and I've just got to reply to them instead of the original post though.

A recent reference to
Matthew 10:34 led to an exchange about "connectedness" and how to accomplish it between "everyone." The commentor to whom I replied stated his belief - "If we were truly connected to God in the way that we were created to, there would be no division between us." I had to agree that a connection to something will allow us to get along. I suggested replacing "God" with "Reality" in what I hope was a non-combative approach.

My comment tries to explain how our species is young but maturing and that the God concept has been useful but is ultimately irresponsible if it doesn't allow for real verifiable study of all that exists. Belief in opposition to observed reality is insane say I.

As someone on here commented, the "parental god" concept still holds some value for our species. I'm of the "belief" that parents need to let go of their children at a certain age and that homo sapiens is slowly approaching that point in our evolution. It is harder to do since we created our "parent" so must be the ones to let go of the relationship for "both" sides. "It" can't let go for us.

For this post, I'd like to add that even if "It" existed, our history suggests that "It" has been a horribly deficient parent. To me that suggests that "It" either let go of "Its" responsibility long ago or "It" is too immature an entity for us to look towards for guidance as we mature as a species."It" may even be one of those parents that just can't let go!

Either way, we are responsible for us.


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