this shiite which blose dee mind-ahhhhhhhh


Last 10 (or so. don't be so freakin' picky) songs on a randomized iTunes playlist.

10 Scheme -  Flaw (idk)

9  Devil Man -  Rob Zombie  (no idea....)

8  Forest - System of a Down (Toxicity)

7  Name (live Acoustic - so rare it bleeds) - Goo Goo Dolls (huh?)

6  Track 8 Unknown Untitled (but it was with steel guitar and a beautiful choirists voice singing "if I could give my heart, I would give my heart" (yeah, right, whatever)

5  You Can't Quit Me Baby - Queens of the Stoneage - (Eponymous)

4  Live As You Dream  - Beth Orton  (first or 2nd album)

3  Trailor (Extended mix) - Seebound (Double Crosser) +++

2  Dreamstate - Tony McAlpine (unknown album)

1  Voodoo People (Chemical Bros remix) - Prodigy (who the fuckin' hell knowz, right)

And that is how the music rolls across me brains tonight.



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