in the fullness of the memory

it seems that I was disappointed

yet again


and yet I swelled with pride

unbidden come to rest upon my bosom

and finding peace

did dance

without much glitter

though in peace

and so does a goal astound

I want that which is denied me

I am not he who waits

though so I must become

before my truths are revealed

to me


Terrible it is not

though so do I express it

the pangs of growth I stymie

with each endless

reenactment of the same

is born another

so forth to neverland

away to dreams untrammeled upon

by reality's intimate ties

and focal points of no concern

to what is most important

in my heart

and head

the apocryphies which adorn

my wanton fantasies

will bow before reality

and its angels

should I be brave

and restore those

to their place atop the temple

which is me

an element convicted

and held accountable to this life

and all it pours o'er my brow

and into my eyes

my thoughts and fears

will arise and dissipate

until the morning far from now

when love

blooms again

in peace, love and understanding

as it may be

suffused with lust

and pure intents

at odds no more

for evermore

as one are love and wonder

passion and concern

driven thoughts of purest

white snow meaning

for ever and evermore

Thank you to Lisa Wiffledust for the forum in which this was expressed.


  1. It seems to me that life is constant recovery....and i dont know that thats always a bad thing. It was a good read



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