this is touching

And precisely what's needed President O. Now remember, it's Love, not Money that really, honestly matters. Really 'tis so.

Good Luck! ! ! :)


  1. Just remember, you have to let the little tyke express himself, or he'll be emotionally scarred for life.

  2.'ve returned (sort of), and I missed it. Damn this sketchy South American ISP.

    Oh well... Feliz Navidad, Michael.

    (Kvatch y La Frogette, de Ecuador)

  3. AhhAH! So that's why O is takin' on li'l Afganny. Somehow I don't think Dr. Spock's book will be of any help with this wee one. Ain't even worth a try, IMO, but ... We'll be to see. Thanks for droppin' in, BL! Hope all's well in your worlds.

    And Frogster y Frogette de Ecuador? Wowzah! Have a Happily Humid Holidays you two!

    Yeah, I'm gonna be "sort of" back and forth. Mostly been posting links on my Facebook page and feelin' less than qualified to comment eruditiously, but I do miss the old blogosphere so gets drawn back in outta sheer Love o' the thing now an' then. Don't ya know. Late!

  4. Actually Michael...we're having an "El Nino" year, which for SA means drier than normal. We're reliably informed by the locals that the sprinkles we get every afternoon are unusual. Afternoon deluges is more normal, but being here in Quito, at 9500 ft., the temperature is never uncomfortable.

    Feliz Nuevo Ano!


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