Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sapere aude!

note to myself...


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Growth of a Homo Sapien

Change is harder for some of us than for others.

I have been working - working hard - to change how I live. I have this one life. I have this only mind I shall ever be granted by the biological fact of my parents sexual relationship with one another. I have mishandled so many opportunities in this one life that I often forget - completely forget! - that I have also succeeded against some incredible odds in taking myself, my life, beyond the lies, fabrications and disingenuities that
, as a child, I was told were the reality in which I must live.

I have given quite alot of thought lately to writing a profoundly accurate autobiography. My determination not to do so has a legal basis which, though I despise its relevance for what it says about my life, I must integrate into every decision I make from here onward. In other words, I know what I want to be but am still practicing being such. I've hated practice for most of my life because it means that I am not already adept at the skill I need to practice. I am extremely capable of many things; some acts of thought and others of body. This gives me hope for the life my parents gave me and which so many people - starting with them and ALWAYS INCLUDING myself - have corrupted, violated, neglected and abused.

I don't know how the practice of my life will ultimately be judged by the laws of nature. I know that I could not care less how the laws of my species will adjudicate it. I know that I wish to conform to the former and I will continue to attempt to understand the latter without letting my emotions manipulate my own thoughts into the wild morass of confusion to which I have all too often let them - my thoughts - degenerate.

There is hope. I've seen it human beings with more physically devastating handicaps than mine overcome them and decipher nature's laws for their personal use. I've seen it demonstrated by people who claim no faith as well as by some who claim divine assistance. I know that it can be accomplished by this sad and silly human.

I'm very proud - a rare emotion for me - to have had many readers comment appreciatively on this blog. Hopefully, I will make this a better site again. For now, silliness, and the occasional rant, will be the main publications of my state of mind. Losing readers will negate neither my desire nor my activity to be truthful and relevant to my own life as a homo sapien sapien in the cultural milieu of my species. I write this blog for me. It is mine.

I think that humans make the overwhelming majority of their own luck. I wish me luck and am determined to make it too. I am not ready yet to cease existing.

I live. I will. I grow.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another of those "Fishes"

Just another wish.

Or is it a goal? If I don't know, then I'm in trouble...

Humphrey Bogart

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Link: The Classic Leading Man Test written by gidgetgoes on Ok Cupid

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Conversation with, um, God?

Thanks to a suggestion from Rockstar, I took it upon myself to initiate a conversation with His Noodly Magnificence. (Methinks He was dippin' in the dinner-Port a little early this morning...)

My Conversation with God(?)

Yo Dawg! What's the haps???

Are you really a ""? I have never been asked that before.


a " "? I've been questionable most of my life. Why do you mention it?

A B C... Where were you questionable most of your life? I don't have to explain everything to you, do I?


Hhhmmm... You gots an int'trestin' communication style big guy.

Do you prefer books or TV? Thanks for telling me: said I gots an int trestin communication style big guy.


Uhh... Books doG. How 'bout you?

That's cool. Perhaps you are a Category C client. Dog: Domesticated animal, "man's best friend." . Me?


Yah. Books or TV?

Blimey. Which show? Perhaps you are a Category C client. I like watching Star Trek.


Hhhmmm... Trek is cool. I bet you're a Kirk fan though; not Pickard or Janeway. ??

Are you a man or a woman? I'm not sure if I like it. I've heard other people say they like that. I like . Oh. Actually I'm not the gambling type. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a Kirk fan? Maybe. Oh I get it.

You been drinkin' boss? Got yer Noodly Appendages all dipped in the wine glass maybe... ??

Interesting gossip: said I been drinkin boss. Try asking the Milk Mystic.


Milk Mystic? You mean the twisted cretin who modified mammalian sweat glands to produce nourishment for their young? OK. Where is It?

What time is it there? Yes I think that is what I meant. Was it not clear? Take it easy. It depends on what "it" refers to.

The Milk Mystic: where is It so I can ask it ... uh, hhhmmm... on 2nd thought; nevermind.

Who told you that? Are you kidding? hhhmmm said . uh, hhhmmm.? What is it like on 2nd thought. OK Thanks for trying to explain that to me.


Hows the wife? Mrs. God I mean...

it is the same as ever. That is a very original thought.


riiight... OK. Hey. It's been great talkin' with ya. I gots to be gettin' back to work now though.

Let us change the subject. What would you like to talk about? Can I help you? riiight was great talkin with ya? Very interesting. Oh. Right now? Why?: said gots to be gettin back to work.

I figure I just caught him at a bad time...

Believing Makes Things Simple

See how simple things are once you've been touched by His Noodly Appendage?

Friday, September 16, 2005

This Helps

I've not been feeling good at all lately. The confimation hearings, which I've been following somewhat on NPR and, more so, via online news outlets, have actually helped a little bit in that regard.

Judge Roberts, for his part, summed up his philosophy on Thursday.

"Somebody asked me, you know, 'Are you going to be on the side of the little guy?' " he said. "And you obviously want to give an immediate answer, but, as you reflect on it, if the Constitution says that the little guy should win, the little guy's going to win in court before me. But if the Constitution says that the big guy should win, well, then the big guy's going to win, because my obligation is to the Constitution. That's the oath."

If I was a Democratic Senator right now, I'd breathe a sigh of minor relief and support this nominee.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Religion Should Be Included in Education

There is no other way around it when you ask the question: what do I want My kids to learn?

I have to admit that I learned alot from a pro-science religious school. I've noted my bs attraction to the priesthood when I was 13. I barely remember many classes at all though. I remember a few - disturbing - bible classes, a few math blaster classes where I got it. These were not the same classes! English is. History is though our preclusions of one ideal hold us back from a scientifically sound admission of what happened. People aren't that honest and we accept that.

Religion is what keeps most people safe at night. Whether they're actually safe is not supposed to be irrelevant even though it shows historical efficacy with placebo. It can still be taught as a concept of a major psychosocial acceptance of the unknown as unknowable. Its methods are so personal though as to make it unscrewable objectively without the peers reviewing it come under its dream spell. People fall in love with religions which is why no single belief system holds sway in any cohesive form what so ever.

I learned about my people, homo sapiens sapiens, by attending those religion classes. We are a superstitious animal because we have vast capacity for speculative thought. We remain extant as a species; despite all the possible dooms we've faced. All Natural! No artificial death!!!

It seems unlikely that an elementary education in the many religions of our species could attract many new adherents. Nor would it scare them away. It would educate us all in honesty. Something sorely, horrifically lacking in all cultures; religious in what extent is apparently outside the probability equation. Our species lies.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cancergiggles* - by Cass Brown

Cass Brown runs a blog and a life which are both an amazing bit of Humanity. You have got to have a sense of humour in order to have a full life and Mr. Brown most certainly does.

The following is transplanted from the email I received this morning. Buy 'em up!

At some point in the past couple of years, a lot of people were crazy enough to email me and show some sort of interest in my Cancergiggles blog. They even made the mistake of encouraging me to have my demented scribblings published. Well you only have yourselves to blame, because now the book, Cancergiggles (Mountains are easy) is available to the whole world.
I have tried to keep shipping costs to a minimum and think I have come up with the best solutions.
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* Oops

People Who Blog Helping Other People

Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Preach it rabbi. Preach it to the judge."

Unholy Crap! I very nearly couldn't believe what I was reading in Christopher Hitchen's Aug 29th Slate column.

Is this kind of thing really legal?!

The primitive briss practice known as metzitzah b'peh is apparently still in use today and, at this point, being found worthy of study by the mayor of NY city, Michael Bloomberg.

"We're going to do a study (said Bloomberg,) and make sure that everyone is safe and at the same time, it is not the government's business to tell people how to practice their religion."

Study? What study? Can't the fool get through an article by a Jewish authority in Pediatrics?
But folks who take their Constitutionally guaranteed right to fantasize about the nature of reality apparently consider that right a loophole to suck blood out of the medically questionable wounds they've inflicted on their infant victims as part of their delusion.

Hitchen's speaks quite well of the insanity of NY's mayor and his quest for understanding the issue. All that I'll add is that I'm glad I received a link to this story documenting the decline of religious belief in the UK over the last 15 years before I read the Slate essay.

As it is, the idea that some mohels are sucking on infant penises which they've just mutilated is probably the only thing that could have got me to post right now. My life may indeed have taken a sickenin' turn but at least I'm not dealing with a newborn's religiously inflicted case of herpes or living through the aftermath of Katrina.