Praying for the Final Showdown

Xtian Evangelists who ply their perverse trade in Islamic Lands don't deserve US Government Protections

As a recipient of John Brown's PUBLIC DIPLOMACY PRESS REVIEW I sometimes think I'm asking to be enraged. A recent edition featured a link to and quote from a story 'bout how Christian evangelists are using an obscure Koranic reference to Hey Zeus Christos "as a bridge ... to go deep... into enemy territory." If God's Guerillas have declared such a war on their own initiative, then there is no reason for the US government to bail them out if they get their dumb asses righteously [heh!] interned in some desert dungeon.

Despite our current dickHead of State’s unhealthy symbiosis with the religious right, the US has never officially supported loose-cannon guerillas getting loose amongst our allies. Since the US Constitution specifically prohibits our government from passing any law respecting the establishment of religion, I can’t see where our government could be excused for excusing these morbidly masochistic mongrels from purveying their perversions against Islamic Law. Just so we’re clear: I have as much respect for Christianity as I do for Islam as tools for governance; which is to say, nada, none, nothing remotely resembling respect. Religious rule is anathema to Any rational thinker. I simply can’t stomach a situation where a secular society would endorse evangelical silliness.

Especially when you add the eminent Nut Job Pat Robertson to mix. Mr. Pat is one of the apocalyptic benefactors who sees "a broader, high-stakes spiritual conflict between Christianity and Islam." Its not just a difference of opinion to this goofball. It is War.

“Make no mistake, the entire world is being convulsed by a religious struggle,” Robertson said last August in Norfolk. “The struggle is whether ... the moon god of Mecca known as Allah is supreme, or whether the Judeo-Christian Jehovah, God of the Bible, is supreme.”

These sentiments are shared by a large minority who are pushing the armageddon as proferred by Nutter John in Revelations as the Final Solution for resolving humanities problems. If they send enough of xtianities version of the suicide bomber to the Levant with their message of "y'all r goin' to HELL 'less'n ya scrap yer Sand Daddy fer Gee-suss" they are hoping to ignite said End Time and Bring on the Judgement!

Talk about self righteousness insanity! Call your Congressman today! Stop these reckless fanatics before they spoil our precious presidents prescient pounding of democratic values into the bodies of Iraqis (and muslims everywhere - hear that Iran???) and prevent such from giving people of any, all and no faith the chance to live together in some sort of culturally colorful disharmonious, pandemonious evolution of what we have come to know as Peace.

It is really is quite as simply as denying the right to yell "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre or such. Evangelist, evangelize at your own risk. MY tax dollars defend your right to speak your mind but NOT to beard the Lion in its den.


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