Tuesday, August 21, 2012

this shiite which blose dee mind-ahhhhhhhh


Last 10 (or so. don't be so freakin' picky) songs on a randomized iTunes playlist.

10 Scheme -  Flaw (idk)

9  Devil Man -  Rob Zombie  (no idea....)

8  Forest - System of a Down (Toxicity)

7  Name (live Acoustic - so rare it bleeds) - Goo Goo Dolls (huh?)

6  Track 8 Unknown Untitled (but it was with steel guitar and a beautiful choirists voice singing "if I could give my heart, I would give my heart" (yeah, right, whatever)

5  You Can't Quit Me Baby - Queens of the Stoneage - (Eponymous)

4  Live As You Dream  - Beth Orton  (first or 2nd album)

3  Trailor (Extended mix) - Seebound (Double Crosser) +++

2  Dreamstate - Tony McAlpine (unknown album)

1  Voodoo People (Chemical Bros remix) - Prodigy (who the fuckin' hell knowz, right)

And that is how the music rolls across me brains tonight.


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Voters and Children First

This bit pisses me off. I "agreed" with the Policy but can''t stand this specific type of BS:

"Please be advised that we may transfer your information to and from any state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction, and process it in the United States or elsewhere. "

"any country or other governmental jurisdiction".  That's mental, alright.  Are you frickin' shittin' me?!  That boils down to meaning they can change the contract and it's interpretations at will by moving the information's Legal Whereabouts to where ever the Laws suit them. The Contractors.

? !

I'm sick of this. As always so it seems.  At least something incredibly useful and Constitutional is coming to Ohioans' voting booths.

"For too long, politicians have been rigging the system to benefit themselves and their own political party. We deserve to have truly meaningful districts," said Catherine Turcer, chair of Voters First. "We're going to have the opportunity to create a much fairer system. The manipulation of district lines is a manipulation of the vote.""

Of course the Republican response to the entire Voter's First campaign is to call it a greedy land grab that " is designed to help unions and Democrats." To make that entirely accurate add   be relieved from the onus of not having enough money or sponsors to have a fair and shared say in Governing of human affairs.  including financial mores. 

"They claim to be nonpartisan," said Matt Borges, executive director of the Ohio Republican Party. "They're interested in undoing the election of 2010 and getting more Democrats in office. That's what they want.""

Um, ya think?  Yes. They and we are working together to make you play fairly,  not according to rules for the rich.  Grow and play like an adult.  Your Republican Political Party is the same as it was when the North conceded the Constitution to the South after first winning the Civil War. It's the lie of the previous 2 Gilded Ages (the 2nd being the Roaring Twenties and Herbie Hoover) that Republicanism means exclusive control of the resource of wealth in order for Society to be free from the inevitable tyranny of the state.

The state is the peoples is the king  the border patrol and academe and the secular focus for morality in all public walks of life.  History is nearly nothing but a repeat of this arrogant and oft insanely destructive duality.  People want to be lead like sheep and then they revolt because the shepherds forget what the living hell they're even there for.  Thus the people kill the shepherd and attempt to A) rule themselves or B) go back to not giving half a shit who's in control of the Laws of the land until they, once again, can't stand the serfdom and lack of equality of opportunity.

No One Deserves to be Born Rich or Poor. Yet we continue through century after century letting our wealthiest individuals think that somehow they do deserve to have been born, and rich at that. I believe that this is the definition of destructive faith.

One Nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.  All includes those huge numbers of peoples who will always prefer to insert the Under God.