This is a post I just posted to FB.  It's in its entirety and they won't mind if they're not invited to their own wedding.  


and yo

If Grover wants to be a seriously responsible analyst of Government expenditures he needs to understand that the $500 per child tax credit has Got To Go. 
We financially encourage people to have a kid but not with enough money for them to do so. Fed needs to use that money to provide the States with money for for Head Start and Planned Parenthood and religious support groups if the clients ask and the groups accepts the money. 
Norver Groquist is not an evil dude. He's a smart dumbo with a faith in something which never existed in reality and probably never could; Personal Responsibility for Incorporated People. 
Starting at about 2:27 he explains his issues.

I think that it has to be something inside people.  Something that makes it easy to see one point of view.  No comparison making unless it's obvious to them why theirs wins.

That's Life as lived by sapiens of an apeish nature.  C'est la vie for now, eh.

And then I'll find another love
another land to live
and friends of may natures
whose care may choose
to give me freedom
from a rule
I've long since broken fast

and clueless as the pidgeon is
I won't be long to last intensely
or of poor nature and feint

leave me Now!
to my own and other winds
to features of a landscape
which for much too long
I've wanted left to past

And don't forget to say I and Love and You to all kinds of friends and family this holiday in los estadas unidos this year of the Common Era, 2012!


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