We Are The Past's Future

Of the many very good Editorials coming from the NYTimes in the past several months, this one is perhaps the most relevant and accurate in regards to how our Governing Leaders need to deal with the LACK OF JOBS in this decade's Economy. 

We live in the Future only according to the rules, norms and moires of the Past. What worked then won't always work now, but where it is relevant to today's circumstances it should be employed. Where it failed to raise the whole of the nation in the past, where it debased and degraded large segments of our Society in the past, those rules and norms and moires must be left to History, as lessons learned by all, for all.

Corporate Austerity required


  1. I do miss the 50s and 60s notion of corporate responsibility vis a vis society: loyalty to employees, philanthropic giving, etc. It would be nice if they were still pillars of the community -- maybe then we could try to justify corporate personhood.


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