Sliding Over the Edge of Irony

Wonder what Paul Simon would think of the caveat on this 'toon.



  1. Hello,

    I would like to inform you that the Catalog of Human Population (“Shan Hai Jing”) is now open and can be used in ALL areas of human activity. The Catalog contains full descriptions of all people (based on DOB). People born on the same day (depending on leap or common year) have the same "program" and therefore are MOST compatible. Therefore, learning about yourself and communicating with people that are like yourself - solves ALL relationships and any other problems.
    If this interests you, more information can be found by searching for "Catalog of Human Population" on Google.

    All the best!
    Kate Bazilevsky

  2. I like that cartoon. I've always liked the song a lot, wondered about certain lines, particularly the one used in the comic here. I like this little post. I wonder if in your little post you gre up believin' that G-d kept his eye on us all?

  3. I did indeed grow up believing such, Reb. Now I understand that it's a metaphor*. I try to recollect as much throughout my daily, though of course it's easier to do so in those moments when I need it the least.

    Still, I'm still slip-sliding through life so it's fun and healthy to occasionally "step out of my body"* to scope the view of what bends, dips and loops d' loop are in store for me ahead. Just for kicks, you'll understand.


  4. And how about his,

    "Oooh ooh-wa-oooh spare your heart;
    Everything put together
    Sooner of later falls apart..."

  5. Wait, you got Rabbis commenting over here and NOBODY bothered to be all, um, AG?!!!

    Hello, Rabbi. Please to me you. I'm AG. One of the tribe. You know any nice single Jewish men for me? I generally like 'em with an Ivy degree and to be called doctor. Oh, I'm lovely too. His mother will say so.

    I don't want to think of what happened to the $200K I lost over the last three years. Thanks to all for voting GOP. Really.


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