What's the Point?


Ahem... This is kind of like being born I'd think. Not that I can recall THAT event.

Welcome to a blog. Its pretty simple here. There are enough complexities in the Real World so, in here, I prefer to just state things the way they really are. Often enough, I'm gonna miss the boat on that proposition. Its cool though. I'm always open to being Called To Task when I'm whacked on an opinion. That's part of the reason for having a blog in the first place. I love to hear what people think of what I think and I love to tell others what I think of what they think. Tons o' Fun!

So now you have the point of this blog. Lemme give you a quick pic of the atmosphere in here. I'm a-theist. All it means is that I do not believe there are now, or ever have been any gods. Not a one. Since it is factual that no one has ever proved otherwise, I think my belief is completely rational and well founded.

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading other blogs (The Raving Atheist, Unscrewing the Inscrutable, Yahoo Message Boards, etc...) and in the process of signing up to comment on several blogs, I've been prompted to start my own on numerous occassions. So I fin'ly di't.

I'm hoping to attract Religious Nutters (no offense!) as well as Objective Thinkers of all stripes. While I had originally begun my search of Atheist blogs and websites with no desire to be accosted by religious views which I've already discarded as unprovable, unlikely, insane, etc., I've found that I frequently Enjoy hearing some of the crazier explanations of God's Ineffable Love for his puny and recalcitrant creations (that would apparently be us.) On the other hand, I've also seen quite a few otherwise intelligent folk dispense their own interpretations of Biblical and Qur'anic Meanings of Life. These have generally been wonderful examples of how well, at times, our species' religions have been able to capture the true essence of what it has meant to be Human on the planet Earth throughout the course of our relatively short existance here. Thusly, I've learned to enjoy such posts and at least give them a chance to make Allegorical Sense if not be filled with actual wisdom.

For all I KNOW, there are NO gods. For arguments sake, I'll go ahead and suppose that there MIGHT be. As irrational and lacking in evidence as that notion is, I leave it as a possibility; albeit one which would make me eat my own socks should I learn that its true (my beautiful wife assures me that they will be clean for me! LOL!) For now though, and as far into the future as Asimov, Sagan or Larry Niven could possibly take me, I'll ignore any and all Potential Deities until they decide to come on down and prove themselves to me. Until then, I'll keep practicing becoming more rational (I AM a recovering Roman Catholic after all) and more aware and understanding of what it takes to live in a society of nutters when I neither like nor believe in their nuts.

Michael Bains


  1. Congratulations, Michael, on your new blog. If you really want to attract attention, why don't you resort to a tried-and-true fundamentalist gimmick:

    Make some ridiculous claim that is so outrageous that everybody thinks you are a total fruitcake. I'm thinking here of Oral Roberts saying that "God was going to take him home" if people didn't contribute a certain amount of money to his ministry... or perhaps the Rev's Pat Slobbertson and Jerry Foulsmell claiming that 9-11 was God's retribution on the US because of homosexuality and abortion.

    It'll probably work better if you make up your own totally outrageous, idiotic gimmick, but here are a few ideas to get things started:

    1) An open challenge to God to smite you down at a certain time and location. That's IF you're really real, Skyboy.

    2) Start your own church, offering large cash rewards for 'thumpers willing to prove the literal truth of the Bible by swallowing twelve ounces of bleach, in accordance with Mark 16:18.

    3) Demand that your 'congregation' follow archaic bible rules, such as Leviticus 15 regarding menstuating women, or I Corinthians 14:34-35 re women remaining silent in church.

    Have fun!

  2. Welcome to the world. Now, here is your first trick question:

    If religion is a dumb idea, how has it survived for 10,000 years in various forms? If it is a good idea, why are people beating the crap out of each other over its various forms?

  3. congrats, mbains.....your posts over at the raving atheist are good.....this is a good start!
    however, check your first post, last paragraph...there is a major whopper there.....(you seem to be missing a very simple two letter word...)
    find it and correct it soon!

  4. Thanks all! Good advice and I'm sure I WILL employ some nutterdumb, if only accidentally! Actually, I'm equally sure I'll pop in a few gimmicks now & then.

    Eva, I wrestled with changing that little 2 letter word until I finally Dictionary.com'd the word KNOW.


  5. Hey, congratulations on your blogsite. I have one as well, but I can't remember where it is. *LOL* Keep fighting the good fight against ignorance and superstition.



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