Saturday, January 30, 2010

Breaking Obama

I forget. Is it recursive or redundant to post a post containing a comment one left on another's post?

MEH! It's hardly 8am on Saturday. I should care less.

Oh, and you (all) should read both Larry Jones and Robert Reich with regularity.

Starting with one of my best-evah blog buds, Mr. Jones;

I don’t expect miracles, and I know (Obama)’s only been in office for a year, and he is following the administration of George W. Bush, who must surely have been the worst president ever, and who really did leave a stinking mess behind. But I have the distinct sensation that nothing good is happening in the federal government, and while I want to be tolerant of a man whom I consider smart and decent, I think I’ll hold my applause until I see some action.

That paragraph does succinctly sum up my own thoughts and feelings on the matter of our 44th President to this point in his Admin, and reading LJ's post immediately set me to wondering what the Rational Robert* of Bill Clinton's Admin might have to say about matters SotU. After checking out Reich's tempered reaction I clicked back to Revision 99 and wrote this response.

To your post’s point; as Bob Reich says, “…Carefully targeted — as are the cuts the President is proposing — they can give businesses an extra nudge to hire. But without adequate demand, they’re useless (as job creators).”

Of course, the point the so called Conservatives purposefully “miss” is that such cuts would assist corporations’ bottom lines and, thus their performance in the Hallowed Stock Market.

Just for a while, boys. Just for long enough for the cats with the capital to make their profit$ and get themselves gone to greener marks… errr uh… markets, no, um, pastures. Yes. Greener pastures.

Fingers crossed and donations made to Jennifer Brunners’ campaign to be OH’s new US Senator when Voinovich retires.


I'd forgotten how liberating a little bloggoriffic self-indulgence can be! As per usual on posts of this nature, I hope it's been rational and helpful. Otherwise... well... It's 8am on a Saturday. Whaddaya want for nothin'?

* The Irrational Robert being one of the banal boors our 44 does instead defer to on matters Economic. Aka Robert Rubin.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

in blinks of eyes passes life

Steinbeck Fast then Slowly

and then I go and fantasize away another portion. This time while “working”, dnloading Windows 7 for a pretty decent veep from work and then installing. Yikes! what a night, and me a morning person.

oh… Morning it is.

Coolio. Now to continue thinking as little as possible about, in no particular order, the end of another abysmally wretched fantasy football season*, the politics of ignorance, @)^()%^! !%# 3qq@, and crossing the street to get to shovel out my car without a real scraper in 20 degree temps. Meesa luvs meesam snowstuff!

Anyway, I almost rewrote the tit to read "... eyes pass lives" but life is everyone's.

wtfiwwm??? ;D

* 4th Place outta 6 teams. 6? I think it was six. I only know the Hipster and his can’t-stop-blushing bride, “DatBroad” and ain’t sure even they know 1 of the other 3. So much for Drew Breezzzze. Hope he beats the Vikes or Steerboys bad in the NFCCG and then drops Indy’s “well rested” lads for Scoreboard. Yep.