Thursday, December 27, 2007

Die DIE DIEEEEE!!! :-)

Well here's a nice change 0' pace; I don't feel like I have enough reasons on my own, so Marty Kaplan has provided a few reasons to kill yourself for me.

He even provides a back-door in case you're still not sure it's the right decision for you.
On the upside, we've known for about 2,500 years that democracies are shockingly fragile. In that light, it's a miracle that we still have the Constitution in place to protect us. Oh, wait.

[What a swell guy!]

* Pic is just something I got in an email somewhen.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Howdy (New?) Neighbors!!!

Thanks to Jim & Jack for the awareness of this News, because I deleted the Common Dreams newsletter without even opening it.

Lakota group secedes from U.S.
By Bill Harlan, Journal staff Friday, December 21, 2007

Political activist Russell Means, a founder of the American Indian Movement, says he and other members of Lakota tribes have renounced treaties and are withdrawing from the United States.

"We are now a free country and independent of the United States of America," Means said in a telephone interview. "This is all completely legal."


Other countries will get copies of the same declaration, which Means said also would be delivered to the United Nations and to state and county governments covered by treaties, including treaties signed in 1851 and 1868. "We're willing to negotiate with any American political entity," Means said.

The United States could face international pressure if it doesn't agree to negotiate, Means said. "The United State of America is an outlaw nation, we now know. We've understood that as a people for 155 years."

Means also said his group would file liens on property in parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming that were illegally homesteaded.

[Not quite a Warpath, but let's see what comes next.]

Wow! What, if anything, happens on this in the next 6 months could be monumental. The reparations voted on, haphazardly IMO, back in the 80s, were an excellent idea in so far as they acknowledged much wrong-doing on the part of the historical U.S. governments.

I don't think secession is really going to fly because of that, but I don't know enough about the details of the pertinent laws to even say whether or not it even should work out the way Russ Means and the Lakota nation seem to want it to. After all, they haven't been too successful against the overwhelming Eminent Domain defense of past U.S. governments, nor have they even got very fair shakes in some rather obvious crimianl cases.

What I'm perhaps most interested in seeing is what other nations have to say about the announcement.

We'll be to see...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My (sort of) Blue State, Ohio

Evidence is is overwhelming and, perhaps more surprisingly, many of the Several States are actually heeding it. Abstinence Only Education makes for more pregnant teenagers. If you've got to ask why (outside of the context of Scientific research) then you are Not paying attention to your own body.

Abstinence Programs Face Rejection
More States Opt to Turn Down the Federal Money Attached to That Kind of Sex Ed

By Rob Stein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, December 16, 2007; Page A03

The number of states refusing federal money for "abstinence-only" sex education programs jumped sharply in the past year as evidence mounted that the approach is ineffective.

At least 14 states have either notified the federal government that they will no longer be requesting the funds or are not expected to apply, forgoing more than $15 million of the $50 million available, officials said. Virginia was the most recent state to opt out.

Two other states -- Ohio and Washington -- have applied but stipulated they would use the money for comprehensive sex education, effectively making themselves ineligible, federal officials said. While Maryland and the District are planning to continue applying for the money, other states are considering withdrawing as well.

[They are gonna do it so make sure they're not afraid/ashamed/too embarrassed to do it right!]

Don't worry. Be prepared.

Happy Sunday!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

When Success Equals Failure

Complements of the Great Oxymoron himself, George W Bush.

U.S. Strategy Succeeds in Bali


BALI, Indonesia, Dec. 13 -- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon conceded Wednesday that the United States had succeeded in achieving one of its key objectives at the climate conference here, blocking a proposal that called on industrialized nations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 25 to 40 percent by 2020.

Having jettisoned the idea of incorporating specific emissions targets in the framework that will guide international climate talks over the next two years, participants were hoping to find other ways to make meaningful progress here in the two-week-long meeting of nearly 190 nations.

[We can't win for .. umm.. winning?]

As Al Gore said during the same conference, "My own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali," and as long as the Democrats continue to complain that they "don't have the votes" there won't be any changing of that situation. Even if such perversely hegemonic events such as the invasion of Iraq weren't reason enough to utilize the full extent of the Constitutional Law and remove this insane despot from office, protecting the population of our planet from the irreversible damage currently being done to it in the name of U.S. Corporate Profits would make the Dems find a way.

Oh... Unless they intend to enjoy the benefits of such and pass the blame entirely to Bush the Destroyer.

Somehow I don't think they really care what the consequences of that choice are...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Words of Wis(h)dom

From a bloated human bag of hot air.

"Democratic attempts to influence the U.N. Climate Conference, much like the entire conference itself, are more theatrics than substance," Inhofe said in a statement. "To pass the bill, Democrats were forced to sidestep several contentious issues, such as the devastating impacts this bill would have on the loss of millions of American jobs to countries like China and the impacts of skyrocketing energy costs, especially on the poor."

[Climate Change? What Climate Change?]

Who Do You?

I've yet to take the quiz but will and will post more. I just didn't want to lose where I'd found it and figured I'd let y'all know it's there since we're finally actually approaching '08.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hearing the Surf of the Sun

They're leaving us behind. When we manage to get a little lucky, their stories come through and we know just a little bit more about our journey through time and space within this universe.

30 years after its launch from Earth Voyager 2 has reached the boundaries of our system and, this time, scientists here on Earth have heard Sol's surf crashing against the shores of the universe surrounding.
Pushing the boundary

The spacecraft crossed the boundary on 30 August 2007 at a distance of 84 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun (1 AU is the distance between the Earth and Sun). By comparison, Pluto is now about 32 AU from the Sun.

"We were very lucky this time," Voyager chief scientist Edward Stone of Caltech in Pasadena, California, US, told New Scientist. "We have the first direct measure of the shock."

Voyager 2 actually crossed the boundary five times (and was directly observed making the passage three of those times). That is because the location of the termination shock is constantly changing in response to the Sun's activity. Plasma burps from the Sun called coronal mass ejections (CMEs) temporarily push the boundary outwards, for example, so that it washes back and forth over the spacecraft like a wave on the beach.


Mission scientists are not sure how to explain the gradual slowdown preceding the shock. But Stone says neutral atoms from beyond the termination shock may be interacting with the solar wind to produce speedy charged particles called cosmic rays, thereby sapping some of the wind's energy.

Voyager 1 and 2 are now both in a region of slower solar wind lying past the termination shock called the heliosheath. That region ends at the heliopause, which is where the solar wind ends and interstellar space begins.

[Hang 10 Dudes y Dudettes! Eh, what the feck, Make it 30.]

It'll be interesting to see what new knowledge this supplies. What applications for space exploration in our near future might be theorized from clearing up yet more misconceptions; misunderstandings; from alleviating yet one more wee bit of ignorance about the Nature of Reality.

We'll be to see, eh.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

much sensation in your mouth

Heh. Bet that caught your eye.


It's nearly unbelievable but appears to be the case that Japan's bloggers are even more prolific than Americans, Brits and Aussies combigned! Who'd've thunk it?
From the WaPo:

...In the past three years, Japanese has been running ahead of or about even with English as the dominant language of blogging, according to Technorati. About 130 million people understand Japanese, while about 1.1 billion understand English.

Those numbers startle no one more than the Japanese. For even as they use personal computers, Web-enabled mobile telephones and a ubiquitous high-speed Internet network to blog anytime and anywhere, they keep awfully quiet about it.

Consider, for example, the remarkably harmonious blog that Junko Kenetsuna has been writing five times a week for the past three years about her midday meal.

With understated precision, she calls her blog "I had my lunch."

In a recent dispatch from a Vietnamese restaurant in Tokyo, Kenetsuna wrote: "The soup has a distinctive chicken flavor and the bitterness of pear, which gives you much sensation in your mouth."

[Pick it up slackers! ;-)]

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You Put Your Left Wheel In ... And You Shake It All About

Tough little mutha does what it's gotta do. Mars Rovers do SO continue to amaze!

New Scientist

  • Maggie McKee

NASA's Mars rover Spirit has freed itself from the loose soil it had been stuck in for about two weeks, but over the next month it will have to navigate similarly treacherous terrain to reach a safe spot to ride out the coming Martian winter.

Spirit got stuck in the sandy soil, nicknamed "Tartarus" after an underworld dungeon in Greek mythology, in mid-November.

But on 28 November, it clambered out, after a series of short drives in which rover managers drove it first in one direction and then in another, "switchbacking" out of the troublesome spot.

[Where do we go from here?]

Now it's off to a place nicked "Winter Haven 3" to deal with the Martian winter on a lower daily power diet. Remember that sand storm Spirit escaped a few months back? Yeah. The wee rover's solar panels are still a bit dusted up from that mess, so it's getting barely half the daily juice intake it had been able to squeeze outta Sol before then.

None the less, these mechs are continuing to blow our minds 3 years after their incredible touchdowns on the Red Planet. They're doing whatever it takes and NASA's folks keep finding more for them to accomplish.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ho Ho huh uh Oh... Um Good Luck With That...

So I see the War on Christmas is in full bloom.

Isn't that special...

Honestly, this topic - unhealthy spending - is one of the reasons I always try to look at things from other folks' POV. I HATE the Credit life, and yet I live it all maxed out. Have for a number of years now and still haven't figured out how to maintain a handle on it. One minute I'm catching up, the next I seem in over my head again. It's emotional. Logic be - against my stated desires and concrete knowledge - damned.

Kinda like with relationships... BUT, it IS getting easier for me. Simple it has always been, but Easy? LMAO! Ahh well, in some parts of my life I don't take enough risks. In others I've taken too many.

On two counts right now, I'm thinkin' I'm takin' just the right balance. Feels kinda nice, eh.

Spend wisely and keep those brains and bodies engaged and they can all - for the most part and barring catastrophe - be

Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Simpler Way

If this last year has taught me one thing, it's that I feel so much better about my whole life when I get out of my head, out of my apartment, out of my boring habits and enjoy new experiences.

Heh... Old news, maybe. But I guess it's just one of those things I always knew but've never really known.

This song is a relevant oldie, updated at the end to reflect .. what? Growth? Yah. Growth.

Oh, I had a date. She's an incredibly cool person. It went well. Even if I did spill too many beans {rollin'eyes} and my mind did start racing ahead. Think I'll cut myself some slack and just enjoy this feeling.

Just sayin'... :-}

Don't know
when it happened first
I think maybe
in your arms
I can't say for sure

Always hits me
when I'm lookin' down
I can't see
where I am
then all of a sudden
there I am

builds inside my heart
forget it
that won't work
it keeps comin' around

Love potion
that would make it work
forget it
because that won't work
I wish it was
I wish it was that easy

There's got to be a Simpler Way
There's gotta be a Simpler Way
There's got to be a Simpler Way
There's gotta be a Simpler Way

I'm hangin' in
I'm stayin' behind
I'm thinking too much but
I'm doin' fine...

Just maybe
I can slow this down
behave myself
and stay around
a sense of calm
sensing you beside me

How often
don't think ever once
I'm sure I've been here
once or twice
and right now
I think I might take it easy

It's got to be a Simpler Way

This has to got to be that Simpler Way

And I'm hangin' in
I'm takin' it slow
I'm doin' alright
I'm feelin' fine.

Picture from two winters back. It's snowing out and it kinda feels like it fits. That's all.