Friday, September 28, 2007

tonight! Tonight!! TONIGHT!!!

Whoa oh!

No. I'll not be here to see teh G-men. Even though my work's suite at the Q was available, I didn't put in for Genesis tics cuz I'm off the Chi-town to monkey dance the night away to the progressive beats & rhythms of my favorite DJ in the genre.

I saw him in the same venue last year and, believe me you, Dude does rock. I expect the show to go 'til 4 or so and my silly self to be tres exhausted by the time I hit the hotel hay.

Have a great weekend! I sure am plannin' on it.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

True . .

. . and False.
Whilst true that many lifelong habits - both those with which I'm good and those I'm still to kickin' - do hold prominence in my daily being, it is even more accurate to say that those habits from the first half have been built up or whittled away to form the background on the canvass which is the evolving critter that be me.

So, I totally get where dude was coming from. I just ain't locked down with it, eh.

By the way, clickin' the pic takes you to the same place that it does when clicking on it from the iGoogle home page. If you don't use it yourself, it's just one of dozens of distractors you can add to your own.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

23.375 So Far...

That's my longest in about 15 tries. I had a couple of 21.s, 10.s and 13.s and a bunch o' 5.s as well. Not sure, but think I might try it a few more times, eh. I too tend to get bored easily though...

Just click on the pic and see if you are "Air Force material".

Thanks to my quazipseudo amigo, Jack.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Hughe$ Mistake

Diplomacy or Spin? Do you think the folks in the Bush Administration even know there's a difference?

Yah, I know. Of course they do, and that's what makes them criminally negligent, and not just woefully incompetent.

From John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review

The below was received from a valued PDPBR subscriber who prefers to remain anonymous (see below for links to programs cited):

“Something missing from the commentary on Karen Hughes in the State Department is the effect her propagandizing has had on the department’s overseas web sites, particularly the broad-base of American views in USINFO; before Hurricane Karen it was known as a solid, if stodgy source of all aspects of American foreign policy; since her arrival in the State Dept. she has had to deal with the fact that Bush’s foreign policy statements hurt Public Diplomacy efforts, so they must be discontinued.

In its place is fluff like ‘Partnerships for a Better Life’ or the most recent ‘Innovative Programs.’ The Muslim outreach efforts she has spearheaded are seen in the Ramadan series, which while a seemingly noble effort, comes off as patronizing and abandons any even-handed look at religion in America.

What a shame she killed the ‘Hi’ online magazine, which, in Arabic and English, offered some of the best material for Arab youth. When Karen needed funds for her Rapid reaction unit, she shut down the magazine and took the $1.5 million. It was reaching more than 40,000 Arab youth every month, and the growth was fantastic. But it had been first created during the time of Charlotte Beers, and it had no support within the dept or administration.

Overall, USINFO’s usefulness has diminished since late in 2006. Previously, transcripts of USG officials from a variety of agencies was published, giving credibility to the site as a central place to learn about all aspects of the US govt. Serious gaps are in the areas of security policy, such as Iran (for which there is no central point for readers to learn what is happening with the US and Iran—it is just ignored.) Three articles on Iran policy have been published in the past three months on the US and Iran. Three. As an honest but of course biased information source, it has started down the slippery slope toward propaganda. One would doubt if Hughes sees anything wrong with this.”


Partnerships for a Better Life

Innovative Programs

Ramadan series

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Obla Di

Moderation obviates obsession
so that even extremism
can be healthy
in smallish
well prepared doses

Be free

Think well

Work hard

Have fun

Obla Da

Friday, September 21, 2007

Movin' It On

Now HERE's some good news for a change!
Dear MoveOn member,

Yesterday, an amazing thing happened. After the Senate's shameful vote, and after President Bush called MoveOn "disgusting,"1 our email started to fill up with messages like this one:

I'm currently in Iraq. I do not agree with this war, and if I did support this war, it would not matter. You have the RIGHT to speak the truth. We KNOW that you support us. Thank you for speaking out for being our voice. We do not have a voice. We are overshooted by those who say that we soldiers do not support organizations like MoveOn. WE DO.

YOU ARE OUR voice.

And then came the donations. By midnight, over 12,000 people had donated $500,000—more than we've raised any day this year—for our new ad calling out the Republicans who blocked adequate rest for troops headed back to Iraq.

The message from MoveOn members was loud and clear: Don't back down. Take the fight back to the issues that matter.

So today we're shooting for a very ambitious goal: Reach $1 million so we can dramatically expand the campaign we launched yesterday going after politicians who support this awful war. Can you chip in $25 toward our goal?
Donation Link

All day, messages from vets and military family members kept pouring into our email, many of them aimed at the Senate:

I have given a son to this country. My brother, my father, my uncle have all served honorably and bravely. I am a loyal American. I am outraged and sick to death of the tactics this administration uses to try to silence dissent to a war that is unjust, built and maintained on lies, political power, and greed. I was content to let others fight more loudly, but no more.
–Sharyn W., NC

I am a prior soldier who served in Iraq for 13 months, and am now an expecting mom with a husband who is deployed in Baghdad. I don't think I can ever forgive the Bush administration for the lies that tricked America into this war and hurt my family so badly. I am ashamed of those American politicians who would condemn an organization for practicing the Freedom of Speech that so many soldiers have died for.
–Danielle B., OH

As a US Navy veteran and an Iraq war veteran of over a year I want to ask, What has happened to us? What has happened to our voice? Where is this country going with stopping free speech and free press? ... Every time I think of the long nights I had in Anbar remembering what I was fighting for, well here it is....
–Ahmad H., LA

These folks have made sacrifices many of us can't imagine. Their charge to us was clear: keep speaking the truth about how President Bush and the Republicans have betrayed our trust.

So we're going to expand our ad campaign—keep it on the air longer and run it against other politicians who helped block adequate rest time for our troops. Can you chip in $25 to do it?

Donation Link

And still the messages kept coming ...

I've had three nephews serve since 2002, one of whom was killed in Anbar Province. I have a fourth nephew at Quantico training. I want this war over before he is deployed and before any more of our soldiers are sacrificed.
–Michele R., NE
Three members of my family are military. Two Marines have served in Iraq and an Army Lt. is deploying in November. If we had all spoken out when the administration used General Powell perhaps we would not be in this mess.
–Carol B., PA

As a Marine I served for many reasons but one of them was to allow people the freedom of speech, whether I agreed with it or not. Wearing a uniform does not mean someone isn't a shill, is spewing propaganda, and downright lies. MoveOn has every right to buy an ad and say what they want about a public figure. This administration has lied to us, deceived us, misled us and when posed with a challenge this is how they respond?
–Keith G., VA

The Senate won't pass a policy to end the war or even to make sure our troops in the field have enough rest time between deployments, but they hold votes to crack down on millions of Americans who are upset about the war?

Well—it isn't going to work. We put together a hard-hitting ad that highlights how Republicans failed our troops and if we can raise enough money today, we'll air it across the country. Please help if you can:

Donation Link

For all of us on the MoveOn staff, this week was a bit of a rollercoaster—MoveOn was attacked by nearly the entire Republican party, while too many Democrats ran for the hills. But what kept us going were messages like these—and the incredible privilege we feel to serve all 3.2 million Americans in

When the story is written of how the Iraq war ended, you will be the heroes. Thank you.

–Eli, Adam G., Adam R., Anna, Carrie, Daniel, Erik, Ilyse, Jennifer, Joan, Justin, Karin, Laura, Marika, Matt, Natalie, Nita, Noah, Tanya, Tom & Wes Political Action
Friday, September 21st, 2007


1. "Bush: ad on Petraeus 'disgusting'," CNN, September 20, 2007.
Reference Link

The above is, of course, from and I just felt like sharing. Just in case anyone readin' here is feelin' like droppin' a quarter in their bucket. I haven't in a while, but may just do so come next payday, eh.

Alrighty then. I'm off to play in teh Company Softball Game. CSG, eh, and in case any o' y'uns may be wondering how teh hekk all this workin' out shinola is workin' out for me, here's an updated portrait of your humble, personally evolving organism.

Happy Weekend all!!!

The Purpose of the United States' Government

The Constitution of the United States

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

As we head onto into this extended election season, please do yourselves and everyone else a favor and keep in mind what the folks we're gonna be voting for are supposed to be working for.

All of our questions about the candidates lose relevancy when they veer away from elements of the above.

Thanks for the impetus here, Lynn. {-;

Happy Friday!

* I recommend that hyper-linked NOTE as it gives some good back ground on what was goin' through the heads of the framers whilst working upon the Constitution. Great stuff, eh!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

America: aka Fantasy Island

The Fantasy on the Left is that we can be a strong, healthy nation without Giant Corporations.

On the Right, is the Fantasy that the Profit Motive is the only thing that counts; that there is something intrinsic in those who would climb to the top of the Corporate ladder which would keep them aware of their responsibility to the Society which which made that ladder even possible.

In the Moderate middle is the Fantasy that the ideological War between those two opposing views will somehow work itself out for the best, and that they, the little guy/gal, the "average person" is best off not paying any mind to Idiots who Rule from Ivory Towers and Legislative Domes.

I don't really think that John Edwards understands this all that well.

None the less, I'm leaning his way as what he does propose is at least, though not all that much, a decent compromise between two seminal extremes of human understanding.

Time will tell, eh...

Obsequens Emptor

I was thinking that the newspaper caption should have included a headline saying "NATIONAL DEBT REACHING RED LINE", but realized that whoever is sitting in that chair next is extremely likely to have a had a hand in breaking that as well.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Greenspan: "I didn't get it."

That's the blurb I heard watching previews for his recent appearance on 60 Minutes. Only in that quote he is referring to the House of Cards which is the American Financial system and its over-reliance upon credit, risk and speculation.

This is from John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press & Blog Review. There's no mistaking what it's about.
"I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil."

--Former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan; cited in Katrina Vanden Heuvel, “Greenspan, Iraq & Oil” (Nation, September 15)

I've always admired Alan. I believe him and hope he's truly saddened by the troubles his wanton ignorance has allowed to metasticise.

I could go on, but work she be a swampin' me, eh.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Sans Sun

But it's only 6:30 in the AM, so that'll change soon enough.


less absent than common sense
apocrypha on the lips
tips of tongues and spewing
regularly imbuing small lives
with larger self impressions

holding court in absentia
delayed gratification becomes anathema
when what one wants
is only never to be thought the other
apocrypha lends credence to one's claims

echoing elements of others' tallest tales
longing (though of course not showing it)
for the admiration of one's own
an acknowledgment that one is all alone
and still steadfast denial, rebuttal of the same

in subtle ironies missed too often
still plays, whole scenes, brief captions
formulating plans for local domination
of the world which is not everything
except for all that matters anyhow

apocrypha elucidates the simplest
clearest sign of life, la joie de vive
too powerful to bear aught but a wink
a nod
a shrug of the shoulders as the moment passes
esoteric and surreal but

all too common in our own and only world

Have a beauty day, eh.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chicken Little - Eagle BIG

But you aren't going to see many eagles go attacking chickens because eagles just aren't that large that they'll take on a sharp beaked, hook clawed little fighting bird that is a chicken. It just doesn't make any sense for them to do so unless they've got some variety of brain disease which prevents them from living by their strengths.

You ever cut off a chicken's head? I have. They don't just die. Their wings flap furiously and their claws rake insanely, which of course, makes sense, since there is no longer any brain connectivity to make their actions sane, but there is still energy and the autonomic functions of life which they've used to evolve to survive in fields of a large variety of predators, sans any ability to fly above the mammalian fray.
Action Alert on IRAN

Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121. We need to let our representatives know that Bush cannot attack Iran. GW will not go away quietly as his disastrous term comes to an end. I think most of us believe Iran is the next target on Bush and Cheney’s to-do list. Kristol, the equally insane Ledeen (read this madness) and all his Neocon, warmongering...

read more | digg story

(Ed's note: I'd starting writing this as a separate post, and clicked on the digg it
button on Crooks and Liars. I think I've finally figured that little widget out!

Back to the story...)

Americans are good people. I know this. I live with them. I am one. I'm Lucky to be so and I know it and, quite frankly, I like it. We have got things So Good, that it's really tremendously difficult for us to acknowledge how heinously wrong have been the actions of our President and inaction of our Congress over the last four or five years.

But, like other Americans, I've got a life to live! Personally, I've got a date this weekend for the first time in nearly a year. Why would I want to be fiddling around, talking 'bout things over which "I have no control" such as politics and war? What I'm saying is that I can relate to folks not wanting to be bothered by the activities of our government. Just take care of it. Let 'em do their jobs. I've got my own life to handle.

Sure our gas prices have risen, and alright, consumer goods, food, utilities, etc, have seemed to have gone up a little or maybe stayed the same, but we just want to live the lives which we're trying to make for ourselves and our families. We don't want to have to call our politicians to task for failures which don't seem to be really making our lives all that much more difficult. I mean, that's just the way it is. Right? The sky isn't ever gonna fall!

Well, when an eagle comes soaring down out of that sky upon its prey, to say "the sky is falling" is about as good an analogy as one is ever gonna find. But it's only falling in Iraq, in Afghanistan. Not here for G's sake!

Did the sky "fall" on September 11th? I think that most folks would say it may as well have for those at ground zero.

And who gave the initial financing to the insane and brutally anti-American terrorists that committed those foul and world-shaking acts?

Thing of it is is, now our Dear Leader has the plans in plans to get another gaggle of chickens clucking furiously and fighting back, beak and claw, slowly and inexorably draining the resources of our country, regardless of the "necessity" of our government's actions. Because eagles don't attack chickens for their survival. They let them have their lives and search for other, less dangerous prey. They certainly don't throw them scratch and watch them grow into even larger, more tempting yet incredibly more dangerous prey.

I don't like that analogy, but I DO think it's apt. Americans like our symbol of the Eagle. Proud. Strong. Wise and ready to do battle in order to protect its territory.

But the Oil in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia is not our property! And the "chicken" in this story is not gonna sit on the group and cry "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Whatever the insanity of Iran's approach to Democracy, their reliance and primitive religious Sharia laws, their nuclear ambitions, the only way these things threaten the United States is if the U.S. can NOT keep its own house in order and find the resources and tools we need in ways which are NOT disruptive of other nations' rights to live as they see fit; no matter how anyone on our side of the World thinks about those ways.

Iran is a danger to our present Administration's Mission in Iraq. It will only become a danger to us U.S. Americans {rollin'eyes} if we continue in our apathy and willful ignorance to allow our government to unilaterally and even more insanely invade yet another sovereign nation without territorial provocation.

Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121. Call now!

H/T to Larry for the news about Amato's C&L post. I truly have enough trouble just dealing with being a silly human trying to live my silly life without having a government like Bu$hCo's forcing me to have to fear ever more war and even possible nuclear weapons attacks.

But I respect my duties as a Citizen. I want my Government back! I want peace to begin with freakin' me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Can Totally Feckin' Relate...

One caveat; less'n you're totally enamoured of the music, go ahead and stop it with 3:04 left (at 2:04 in.) Once the screen goes black, that's it but for the electro-tune.

Much like rock-n-roll, it's only quazipseudo.


Nagasaki's Revenge

Japanese teenagers may lay claim to cluelessness about the world-changing events that took place in their country in the second half of 1945, but yesterday's resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suggests that those recollections are far from forgotten in the mainstream of Japanese life.

Japan, the nation against which the United States unleashed the first ever cataclysm of nuclear war, has survived and thrived on an outwardly imposed tradition of military pacifism. A condition which was forced upon that great nation by the even greater nation that had defeated it so utterly and convincingly as the culmination of World War II. It is a tradition which has allowed the Japanese to gain that respect and power which was the impetus for their participation in said War, and it was the United States, using that extraordinary combination of magnanimity and imperiousness come together in the person of General Douglas MacArthur, which ensured that the Japanese nation should conscientiously avoid a military path to that long coveted ascendancy in our evolving World Economy.

Lately, Prime Minster Shinzo Abe's LDP has utilized a perfectly Reaganesque ability to transform historical reality into the delusionality of Hubris, utilizing neither shame nor pride to sway them from their pipe-dream. Fortunately for the people of Japan, they are apparently - for whatever reason - less forgetful than those kids in Okazaki's documentary would seem to be.
Japanese Premier, Losing Support, Resigns
Published: September 12, 2007


The opposition leader, Ichiro Ozawa, has focused his attention on a contentious law that allows Japan’s naval forces to join a mission to refuel American and other ships participating in the war in Afghanistan. The law will expire on Nov. 1 unless it is extended.

The debate over the law is expected to be bruising. Opinion polls have shown that most Japanese opposed extending the law. And Mr. Ozawa tapped into a general unease that, under Mr. Abe and his predecessor, Junichiro Koizumi, Japan had grown too close to the United States militarily, even to the point of possibly violating its pacifist Constitution.

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, Japan has passed special laws to circumvent its pacifist Constitution to participate in the American-led wars in Afghanistan and then Iraq. But the Japanese government has released few details about the nature of its assistance to the United States military, leading many opposition politicians to suggest that Japanese troops are in fact violating the Constitution.

Opposition politicians have suggested that Japan has refueled American vessels that were involved, not in Afghanistan, but in Iraq. In addition, they have said that Japan’s air force — which has been transporting American troops between Kuwait and Baghdad — has clearly overstepped its stated mission of engaging in humanitarian activities.

[What Is and What You Better Believe]
Whether or not a new Parliament is imminent and necessary for Japan to return to its Constitutional imperative for military passivity seems almost moot at this point. Unlike my own country, where the opposition Democrats did democratically take control over both of the main legislative assemblies on a platform of Peace, and then promptly let such fall to the side, the Japanese seem well on their way to Practicing What They Preach and substantively supporting the ideals of their Constitution.

Is "funny" how folks will tend to make use of some powerful gift which a more powerful party has given to them and actually use it for their own benefit, eh?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Richardson on the Other Dems' Footdragging

Bill Richardson hits on a few of the reasons that we can and should get out of Iraq ASAP. I tend to think we'd need to plan it a little more thoroughly in conjunction with those nations we expect to lend assistance once the U.S. is out, but I see him working and at least he's making progress which most of the other Dem Presidential aspirants will barely acknowledge.

This paragraph contains what I think is his strongest argument for a quick pull-out.
Why We Should Exit Iraq Now

By Bill Richardson
Saturday, September 8, 2007; Page A15


The presence of American forces in Iraq weakens us in the war against al-Qaeda. It endows the anti-American propaganda of those who portray us as occupiers plundering Iraq's oil and repressing Muslims. The day we leave, this myth collapses, and the Iraqis will drive foreign jihadists out of their country. Our departure would also enable us to focus on defeating the terrorists who attacked us on Sept. 11, those headquartered along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border -- not in Iraq.

The longer we stay, the longer this Civil warring, you remember, the Civil War President Bush 41 and current VP Cheney said was reason not to remove Saddam Hussein back in the early 90s, is going to linger on. The bottom line is that we do not have a compelling National Interest to have invaded and monumentally destabilized this country in the heart of the historic cradle of civilization.

For a while there, the West has led the way in progressive ideals of Democracy, personal and political Freedom, and utilization of technology for the advancement of Science, thus for the advancement of all of our species. Bu$hCo, like ALL dictators before him, whether truly benevolent, or profoundly imperialist, see only their own ideology as a beacon of Faith and Hope for a world in which they will be in charge, because, after all!, no body else could possibly do the job.

Well, not and ensure that the overwhelming majority of the Earth's natural resources end up producing profits for them and their cronies.

Richardson does make what is extremely likely to be a faulty comparison to Vietnam, and how the U.S. took its time getting out of there.

By hastening the peace process, the likelihood of prolonged bloodshed is reduced. President Richard Nixon withdrew U.S. forces slowly from Vietnam -- with disastrous consequences. Over the seven years it took to get our troops out, 21,000 more Americans and perhaps a million Vietnamese, most of them civilians, died. All this death and destruction accomplished nothing -- the communists took over as soon as we left.

The difference we face today is that there is not a single, unified enemy to pour into the vacuum of our leaving. Be not deluded; when we pull out of Iraq, things for the Iraqis are not going to clear up, clean up and straighten themselves out right away. Those folk are in for a time!

But, again unlike in Vietnam, Richardson himself has already proferred that other nations will be able to lend their support to the Iraqis once the U.S. is gone. They can't do so now because, well, we know best and they would just get in the way; of our securing those gods damned oil fields, that is.

The place where I agree, perhaps most strongly, with this candidate's sentiments is right there at the end.

Let's stop pretending that all Democratic plans are similar. The American people deserve precise answers from anyone who would be commander in chief. How many troops would you leave in Iraq? For how long? To do what, exactly? And the media should be asking these questions of the candidates, rather than allowing them to continue saying, "We are against the war . . . but please don't read the small print."

Friday, September 07, 2007

Someone Get This Guy a Dictionary!

'Cause it's pretty obvious he'll never have a clue.

I'm hoping (against Hope, it sometimes seems) that our congress critters will not continue to be so obtuse. Keep letting them know that it's Time To Bring Home The Boys! (and Girls! and weapons and "contractors"!)

The video, I got from this page which also has a petition to the signers' Congress folk, telling them to Bring Them Home. Here's the text I added when signing it myself.

Whether or not our nation CAN win the Military battles in Iraq, both our "mission" and our government's excuses for being there are based upon heinously False Premises.

No nation can FORCE Democracy upon another, and the oil in Iraq is NOT something the United States either needs ABSOLUTELY or has ANY non-competitive Right to obtaining.

The only Overwhelming result of this Administration's invasion has been to destroy our Financial Security in our country and throughout the world with ONLY one party Profiting; Haliburton Inc.

It is not hyperbole to label many of the actions of this Administration Treasonous, and beginning the necessary steps to ending our military involvement in Iraq, expeditiously, must be the primary focus of any legislator looking to resolve the troubles of the past 6 years.

Freedom ain't easy. Neither is Progress. We'll have neither in the United States if we keep allowing our government to clamp down on the former and bastardize the definition of the latter.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mo Better Bush!

Remember my little rant of a few weeks back? Where I got indignant 'bout the state of Science reporting?

Well, thanks to this li'l article, I think I'm in love with teh Dr. Meredith Small. :)

Human Family Tree Now a Tangled, Messy Bush
By Meredith F. Small, LiveScience's Human Nature Columnist

For anthropology students 30 years ago, learning human evolution was a breeze. It went from Australopithecus to Homo habilis to Homo erectus to various Homo sapiens. It was a straight shot that one could learn in a few minutes late at night while cramming for an exam.


The straight line has blossomed into a spreading, rather uncontrolled bush and we don’t like it. We want our history to be nice and neat, but the fossils keep messing us up.

This summer, scientists announced the discovery of two human fossils found in Kenya in 2000. One is a 1.44 million-year-old Homo habilis, the first member of our genus, and the other is a 1.55 million-year-old Homo erectus, a larger brained, much more sophisticated kind of human.

Although paleoanthropologsts have assumed that habilis evolved into erectus, it looks like these creatures spent time together on the shores of Lake Tanganika.

The big news, then, is that these very different fossils are being hung on the human family tree on separate branches but at the same height. And once again, we have to reconsider the path of human evolution.

But should we be all that surprised?

[G'head. Get Surprise! Surprise! Surprised! :-}]

If I have one complaint about this particular story, it's that it's simply too damn short. Still, I know that's integral to capturing folks attention with information that should be common knowledge, but might as well be hocus pocus for all that the average ape descendant understands it. Worse yet, studies show they're unlikely to retain the gist of the facts they've just read, even just a short time later.

But not yous guys!!!

Well, no worries. You know you can always (considerately) slap me down if I start to gettin' all pedantic on y'all. I do to be appreciatin' it, eh. After all, we are all, simply (LOL!!!) silly humans.


Porn Bush

Well, it sure don't grow on trees.

Hmmmm... It's much more striking on my other site.

By the way, if you click on the pic, it'll take you to the explanation via der Spiegel.