Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Piss Off Ya Soddin' Wanker Sellouts!

That's the essence of what The Sex Pistols have said to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum trustees upon hearing of their imminent induction to said HoFaM.

As Matt the Hat says, now that's PUNK!!! He's got their "official" rejection notice posted at both of his venues. Only the latter allows comments.

I found the news kinda interestin' since Googlin' my home town's Rock Hall turned up this bit o' entertainment news.
An Evening with Glen Matlock of the Sex PistolsTuesday, May 20, 7:00 p.m. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s Legends Series presents An Evening with Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols on the Museum’s Main Stage. Tickets are $18 and are currently on sale.
I couldn't find any date on the page from which I copied that snippet, but Google's cached version shows it for last Tuesday, Feb 21.

It's only Rock-n-Roll, even if it is of the more immature variety.


From Whence Cometh All Life

The story explains the importance of finding these particular Gamma Ray bursts quite well for the layman. Apparently the star going nova is a mere 470 million light years away. Not exactly a next-door neighbor, but still in the same cosmic zip code.

I do find it odd that it doesn't once mention the most important aspect of Supernovae from a human POV: it is these events that create most of the residents of the Periodic Table of Elements. This is fact. It is not opinion. It is proven beyond any conscious doubt and refutes any alternative ideas, philosophical or just plain personal, that purport to describe "Creation" otherhow.

Why the author of the Post article, Guy Gugliotta, doesn't mention this even briefly, is completely beyond me. If it weren't for this fact alone, Super Nova would be nothing more than a pretty sight, the majority of which no one anywhere would ever see or care for in the least. I don't want anyone to proselytise science. But he's a darn good reporter and I think he's dropped the ball in this small, but incredibly important way.

I truly don't care if a sentient and even omniscient "first cause" put this material reality into play. I've fantasized about such stuff, but there is no way to tell with our present body of human knowledge, so I'll not put forth on silly superstitions of my own. For that same reason, I'll not be compelled by anyone else's silly suppositions. Not even when cloaked in the smock of science. Show me the money? Show me the evidence, at any rate. If it's reproducible and observable, regardless of anyone's mind-meanderings, it is then sufficient and only then, compelling in a Legal sense.

Okidoke. Rant over. Please enjoy the pics of creation currently in progress.

You go god!

Speakin' of awesome new blog Front-ends! Jim found Jesus on a Mission!

Monday, February 27, 2006

In Real Life ..

.. there are generally alot more than just two choices. Half of the questions on this test, I wanted to answer with both choices.

And I really think that, for good or for ill, the order that really describes me should be reverse of the one in which the test resulted.

Forty years old, and I still don't know myself? Again, for good or for ill, I don't think so. It's more that all three really do fit, and then some though.

My hat is tipped to Blue Girl and her hot new front-end.

Your #1 Match: ESTP

The Doer

You are adventurous and risk taking. You act first, think second.
You love being the center of attention. Chances are you were the class clown.
Competitive, charming, and charasmatic - you have your own code of honor.
You live a flexible life, bouncing between a series of activies that interest you.

You would make a great salesperson, marketing director, or entrepreneur.

Your #2 Match: ENTP

The Visionary

You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.
You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.
Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.
You're very clever, but not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

You would make a great entrpreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

Your #3 Match: ESFP

The Performer

You are a natural performer and happiest when you're entertaining others.
A great friend, you are generous, fun-loving and optimistic.
You love to laugh - and you like almost all people equally.
You accept life as it is, and you do your best to make each day fantastic.

You would make a good actor, designer, or counselor.

And here's what the Skeptic's Dictionary has to say about the MBTI®. Good reading and I like the tests, but just for fun.

Ohio's Next Junior Senator?

This is an email from the guy whom the Ohio Democratic Party chose over Paul Hacket.

I suppose hyperbole is unavoidable in political races. I just wish it wasn't so. I've always liked Sherrod for the most part. He'll certainly get my vote in the fall election.

Sherrod Brown

Dear Friend,

Last week, it was revealed the White House had approved a deal to outsource U.S. port security to a state-owned company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Despite public outcry against the deal, President Bush threatened to veto any Congressional bill that would block the deal. It was also discovered last week that the White House is engaged in trade negotiations with the Mideast nation.

It's bad enough that the Bush Administration insists on outsourcing Ohio jobs, now they want to outsource our national security.

Like most Americans, I am outraged by the irresponsible actions of the Bush Administration, and Republican supporters in Congress. We cannot let this happen.

Securing Our Borders

Beginning last Friday, I made stops across Ohio in Cleveland, Toledo, and Youngstown demanding the Administration halt all trade talks with the UAE and have called for a stronger national security review of all U.S. trade agreements in the future. In a post 9/11 world, trade is no longer just an economic development vehicle. U.S. trade agreements are now an integral part of our national security.

In addition, I am calling for better Congressional oversight on trade agreements -- for too long Republicans in Congress have served as a rubber stamp to the White House thirst for outsourcing. I will continue to travel across Ohio promoting policies that will secure our borders and keep Ohio families safe.

Go to my website to read the latest dispatches from the road and see video from my appearance on Lou Dobbs about the UAE controversy:


DeWine on the Sidelines

Our current Senator, Mike DeWine, was virtually silent on the issue all week until he told the Cincinnati Enquirer on Friday, "We have to take a good look at this thing."

Well, I've already taken a good look at "this thing" and I don't like what I see:

  • Two of the 9/11 hijackers were from the UAE.
  • Terrorist operatives used the UAE as a financial and travel hub.
  • The UAE was one of the few nations to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government.
  • The 9/11 Commission's report contains warnings about the UAE's previous support for terrorism.
  • The Congressional Research Service names UAE as a point of shipment for illegal nuclear components.
  • Even George Bush's own State Department says, "Americans in the United Arab Emirates should exercise a high level of security awareness."

Get Involved

Ohio needs a U.S. Senator that will stand firm against trade deals that compromise homeland security. Mike DeWine won't. I will.

Get active in your community by speaking out about important issues to your friends and family. Stay in touch with us while we're traveling around the state to learn how you can stay involved.



Sherrod Brown
Candidate for U.S. Senate
Paid For by Friends of Sherrod Brown | 2280 Kresge Dr. Amherst OH 44001


a personally evolving organism

For science, God is not a valid category because God is by definition a reality beyond time and space and therefore does not belong to the world of our scientific experience.
-- Hans Kueng

Dove of Peace Balloon

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Feline Filosophy

Brrrr rrrrr... I swear spring has come and gone at least 5 times this winter.

In Defense of the Left

This may be an example blogorhea, but I feel strongly about it and think it is reasonable.
[Link] Jim Geraghty isn't impressed by the response to the Danish cartoon controversy by the left regions of the blogosphere:
I read that on Terrestrial Musings, an interesting right of center blog I found whilst perusing the TTLB leaderboard. All the main post does is link and quote. It's the comments to which I was really replying. I don't like callin' people out, just because it often results in more ~BS~ than actual dialogue, so I hope I wasn't too much the jerk.

The Union Leader article itself makes some sense but, of course, misses some key points. I try to address those in the following.

nahny nahny boo boo, stick your face in doo doo.

Heheheh.. I never saw the 2nd part o' that before. Coolish.

Commenter Cecil is right vis-a-vie our modern times. He may need to check his History though, if he doesn't think (and I'm not completely sure he doesn't...) Christianity is capable of equally heinous and vicious acts. THAT is why lefty bloggers (an admittedly hyperbolic bunch) do such equating. They (we) are stretching, but not as idiotically as Cecil suggests.

President DubyaBu certainly is not the root of all evil. He's just an incompetent example of the evil of irresponsibility which results when using fear and ignorance as a rally point.

I'm anti-war. Certainly anti-This-War. And I still don't think we should pull out right now. THAT would be irresponsible. It would have been a hell-of-a-lot more efficacious to have finished up in Afghanistan, caught bin Laden, and then cracked the military whip over a couple of the actual responsible nations' heads.

Does anyone on the Right OR the Left really think a quagmire in Iran would be much worse than what's going on in Iraq? I don't think that anyone who isn't ruled by their emotions does.

A truly rational understanding of the whole mess makes it clear that the US would likely have suffered some terrorist attacks had we invaded Iran instead. We'd also be closer to bringing the issue of the "Clash of Civilizations" to a head if we'd done so. The enormous difference is that Iran, and thus any terrorist quasi-organizations, would NOT be as close to having Nukes as they are today.

Regardless of the likely events spawned by that alternative approach (ie, relevant instead of ridiculous) the Admin would NOT have had to lie through their teeth about WMD's and Hussein sponsoring terrorism to get America behind such a horrifying mobilization of material and human resources. There also would likely have been a LOT more world-wide support (even if no more assistance) for that invasion. THAT would have been better for our United States in both the short and the long terms.

I'll take Honest Ineptitude (ala Carter) over Brutally Self-Serving Lies (ala Cheney's Admin) any day. The consequences of knowing are always more resolvable than those of lies and ignorance.

Sorry for the length of this comment. I just hate seeing otherwise intelligent folk miss the, ahem, Fundamental Point that disingenuity inevitably leads to more problems than it resolves, and disingenuous is the one word that most fully describes this neo-con regime.

Too bad my damn Dems have evidenced next-to-nothing with which to oppose it.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Harboring Terrorists

{groan . . .}

Something to Think About

I feel this kind of existential angst all too often.

I don't know if you'd categorize it as such but, none-the-less, thanks Steve.

American's Who Voted for Bush

I don't s'pose they could've been any more clear.

Damn! I hate to admit it, but it also seems to describe my affinity for wonderful women who don't (or can't) want the same things from a relationship as I do.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunni -v- Shia: Fundamentalist Religion as Usual

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Feb. 22 — A powerful explosion shattered the golden dome of one of Iraq's most revered Shiite shrines this morning, setting off a day of almost unparalleled sectarian fury in cities and towns across Iraq as protesting mobs took to the streets to chant for revenge and set fire to dozens of Sunni mosques.

The bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, left its famous golden dome in ruins but injured no one, and only a handful of people appear to have been killed in the widespread street protests and violence that ensued.

Sheesh... The way these muslim humans are acting you'd think Shia shrines had statues of Mohammed in them or something.

I wonder if our descendants will look back and see this decade as a precursor of the Islamic Protestant Reformation.

Wait. Strike that thought. The Roman Catholic domination of European Christianity lasted hundreds of years. Islam only had a legitimate Caliphate whilst Mohammed was still alive. The insurrections surrounding his death are what begat all of this current insanity; nearly 1400 years ago!

Still, barring the utter disintegration of religious belief amongst our species' members, this renewal of sectarian violence on such a scale is perhaps a harbinger of a truly democratic Islam.

I know that's long stretch but, maybe, just maybe, a few 100,000 muslims every decade, over the next century or two, will begin see that New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" totally trumps Submit.

Is This For Real?

OR: A Question for Evolutionary Biologists

My buddy runs a Yahoo Group called Quazipseudo. It's kinda personal, and only a few of us are on it by invitation so far. For that reason, I'm not linking to the group.

Today he posted a link with the humorous headline:
"oh no, dad,,,, we're all devo" which linked to a story on the World Science website. The site is new to me, but a quick perusal shows an accurate assortment of current topics in science news and ... well, below is my take on the story. I've really been quite happily busy workin' at my day job (lol!) and haven't had any real chance to Google this. Then it occurred to me to post on it here.
mostly because I really don't give a **expletive**.


> why don't you do the research - i don't read past the headlines much, but i
> always thought this site was pretty scientific, which is why i bother to read
> the headlines.
>Feign outrage.
>> i suspect a hoax
>> jK

Oh my JimJimmyJim! LOL!

Well, it's NOT what you would call a Hoax. It's a fairly, hhhmmm, poorly worded but, apparently, valid theory.

The fact is that "devolution" is more of a loaded term than, to my knowledge, a serious concept.

Devolution is Evolution. Evolution simply means
change in allele frequency over time. This naturally describes the overall process of biological existence. Species evolve, not forward or backward, but simply over time..

Without further study of the particulars of Uner's research, I'll just say that he appears to be onto an extraordinary neuro-muscular disorder which
appears to have a genetic modifier. That last is what could quite possibly give it some importance in understanding some of the details of the evolution of our own species.

It's funny how "human" scientists are. You'd think they were, um, well, like the rest of us or something.


Thanks for the link Jack. Maybe I'll run it by one of the biology professors I read to see what they think of this disorder and Uner's treatment of and theories on it.

My hope is that someone more knowledgable who may be passing by might have some information or a more educated opinion, at any rate, on the veracity of Dr Tan's research.

If I've made a mess of my explanation to the group, as is always the case, I am quite open to taking a good dressin' down on the relevant points. I unequivocally do
not want to be a one who spreads BS, no matter how good are my intentions.

As I say in the comment to the group, I really don't think it's a hoax. But there's just something peculiar tingling' my non-scientifically-trained-spidey-senses on this story.

Of course, if I don't get any feedback on this here, I'll do the Google. I'm just not exactly sure how to go about dehoaxificatin' a workin' scientist's work. The length of this post should be evidence that I don't really lack the time nor motivation to do as much.
(I promise boss! I'm workin' on a laptop and two desktops along with this post!!! .)

Hopefully Yours


Eternity Calling

I'm such a
freakin' boring dawg...

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)High
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Moderate
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

And I've got a damned Loft leased through eternity on the 4th Level!

It's in the
beautiful burrow of the septic bowel, if anyone wants t' do a sublet. Lemme know.


'tip t' the Babyler.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Make hard CA$H from home while the world is in flames!

[Link] Are you an animal lover; and also an atheist, agnostic, jew, muslim, or other non-Christian? If so, you might qualify for the JesusPets Partner Program!

JesusPets will pay YOU to take care of dogs, cats, and other pets. To qualify, you must agree with this statement:

The JesusPets Partner Program Statement

  • I love animals, and am willing to care for pets after the Christian Rapture.
  • I am not, and never have been a born-again Christian.
  • I believe it is immoral to have sex with animals, and have no desire to do so.
  • I believe it is immoral to consume common domesticated pets (note: this includes goldfish!), and have no desire to do so.

If you agree with, then please contact JesusPets to join our international community of JesusPets Partners!

Thank you Tonya! LMAO!!! Oh thank you soooo much!!! Now my life can have some real meaning!

And imagine the RATES we can charge!


Flemming Rose in the Washington Post

Why I Published Those Cartoons by Flemming Rose, the Cultural Editor of Jyllands-Posten in Sunday's Washington Post.
I commissioned the cartoons in response to several incidents of self-censorship in Europe caused by widening fears and feelings of intimidation in dealing with issues related to Islam. And I still believe that this is a topic that we Europeans must confront, challenging moderate Muslims to speak out. The idea wasn't to provoke gratuitously -- and we certainly didn't intend to trigger violent demonstrations throughout the Muslim world. Our goal was simply to push back self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.
Abstractions such as religions, philosophies or ideologies are not, of themselves, dangerous to the physical health of individuals or the societies which we construct. It is only through the actions of the adherents of those abstractions that they are channeled into acts of either benevolence or malevolence.

There is truly much of the former to be witnessed from the adherents of Islam. The idea that Islam is a "religion of peace" is far from entirely unfounded. The problem is that, as we in the US know all too well, (and many here use to discredit the religion of peace nomial) the malevolent acts of muslims in the last several years are unavoidably attributtable to a strict adherence to some of this religion's fundamental tenets; acts which the actors committing them brandish as jihadist Medals of Honor. In fact, their terrorist atrocities in the name of their deity and it's ostensible prophet represent the moral nadir of human activity and must be repudiated and prevented through the best means possible: full and relentless disclosure of their motivation and methodology.

Rose continues on a note which is perhaps the most compelling and rational of any of his justifications for publication of these divisive cartoons.
We have a tradition of satire when dealing with the royal family and other public figures, and that was reflected in the cartoons. The cartoonists treated Islam the same way they treat Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions. And by treating Muslims in Denmark as equals they made a point: We are integrating you into the Danish tradition of satire because you are part of our society, not strangers. The cartoons are including, rather than excluding, Muslims
This is the strongest and most empirically sound sociological reason he could possibly give. Muslims of middle eastern descent are, like hundreds of thousands of other folk the world over, emigrating to new lands in search of freedom, security and, above all else, opportunities which they apparently found to be lacking for them in their ancestral homelands. Where one goes, one not only takes their own traditions with them. One must learn to adjust to and cooperate with the values of the society into which they move.
Has Jyllands-Posten insulted and disrespected Islam? It certainly didn't intend to. But what does respect mean? When I visit a mosque, I show my respect by taking off my shoes. I follow the customs, just as I do in a church, synagogue or other holy place. But if a believer demands that I, as a nonbeliever, observe his taboos in the public domain, he is not asking for my respect, but for my submission. And that is incompatible with a secular democracy.
And a secular democracy is precisely the type of society our muslim friends from the middle eastern portion of the planet have chosen to enjoin when they move themselves and their families to Europe or the United States. They are welcome here. They are welcomed and embraced for the beauty and potential they have to offer our dynamic and ever evolving compositions of humanity.

Rose has plenty more to say in defense of his decision. Some of it, to my mind, rings somewhat disingenous. That may just be because I know that his general political stance is somewhat reactionary (to the right of conservative,) so perhaps I've already withdrawn some amount of the benefit of the doubt I would normally afford a person in his position.

Regardless of his politics, and regardless of any disparagement or disrespect which may actually have been intended, despite his protestations, nothing, absolutely nothing that was done in the publication of these pictures warrants the horrific and brutally irresponsible acts of violence with which a large minority of islamic folk have responded.

There is simply no excuse for physical violence, except in immediate defense from the same. No constructive dialogue or resolution is possible until those committing such acts come to terms with this fact of our evolving civilizations.

Addendum: I added a bit which includes the final quoted text from Rose's piece. I just felt it relevant and necessary to my point that this entire bruhaha has far less to do with Tolerance for Islam than it does for Islamic people's tolerance for their neighbors.


Incidental: It's a 2 pager on the Washington Post website and, as a blogger, I'm thinking that organization needs to invest in a bigger pipe to the internet because
man! has it been slow the last two days. It's not my work or home connections either because everything else is running as smoothly as ever. I think it has to do with the Post's wonderful newish feature that shows which blogs are linking to their stories.

A little bit o' House Cleaning on my blog

(sung to the tune of Mambo #5...)

Just a quick note.

I'm gonna be cleanin' up that "Online Reading" mess on the left this week. I've been thinking (or trying not to!) about doing so for a while now, only this weekend past did I actually clean up my own book marks to try and cut down on the number of new sites I scope.

The blogosphere is huge!!! lol!

Categories shall there be.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Aerosmith Parody

It's horrible!

It's awful!

It's terrible!

Someone should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking of this!

Heh heh.. ahem

And I know I'd said I'd say no more, but come on! LOL! I had to post it cuz it's just too well done.

Quitely so, eh.

Shakin' It Off with Silliness

In light of my recent ramblings regarding my soon-to-be-X, this is, well, disconcerting.

Your Fortune Is

If you run into your ex on the street, just shift into reverse and keep going.

Yah, well, hrrmmm... It's a good thing I don't believe in such silliness.

All the same, maybe I'll just avoid driving in her neighborhood for a while. Eh?

A crazily tipped hat to Beep! Beep! It's Me, owner of perhaps the silliest blogonym I've seen to date!

(And how coincidentally apropos of my "fortune"... Hhhmmm.... Naaaahhh... Nevermind.)


Iran calls for end to cartoon protests

Iran calls for end to cartoon protests

"We should try to cool down the situation. We do not support any violence," Mottaki said, adding that freedom of expression must be exercised with sensitivity and people's and nations' values and beliefs fully respected.
It's a start. Towards what from this regime, I'm not sure.

Kudos none-the-less...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Daniel C. Dennett: "Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon" / The New York Times Book Review

This is my reply to an email from
Yen Cheong
Publicity Manager Viking and Penguin Books

A division of the Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

The quotes in BLUE are Wieseltier's words.

THE question of the place of science in human life is not a scientific question. It is a philosophical question.

Since philosophy is only quasiscientific, its relative value in determining any meaning to Human Existence factually dimishes with its distance from objectivity. A philosophy which eschews objectivity is really of very little value to any but an isolated individual or an extraordinarily homogeneous group of individuals. Even then, such value is of limited utility.

Scientism, the view that science can explain all human conditions and expressions, mental as well as physical, is a superstition, one of the dominant superstitions of our day;
and it is not an insult to science to say so.

"Scientism" is the ultimate meme. It is insanely inane since it ignores the fact that Science is only a method for revealing the material workings of reality. Since it misdefines what science is, it says absolutely nothing about it. The fact that the concept is meant to apply to scientists is especially offensive and ignorant since it ignores what philosophies an individual scientist might embrace.

But why must we read literally in the realm of religion, when in so many
other realms of human expression we read metaphorically, allegorically,
symbolically, figuratively, analogically?

It's quite simple really. Religious people do so with glee and ardour and try to FORCE their "philosophy" upon others, usually for "our own good." THAT amounts to literal attempts at oppression and requires honest and dedicated repudiation. Wieseltier is an ignoramus, and that is not insulting since he really doesn't seem to know the topic he's discussing.
Dennett is the sort of rationalist who gives reason a bad name; and in a new era of American obscurantism, this is not helpful.
This entire review engenders and defines obscurantism, and he still has no clue that he's doing so. Sad, that.

I don't recall what I did to get on this list, but thanks for the link Cheong.

Michael Bains
a personally evolving organism

For science, God is not a valid category because God is by definition a reality beyond time and space and therefore does not belong to the world of our scientific experience.
-- Hans Kueng

So I'm Not a Father ...

A lot of good folks aren't. It weighs on me at times because it's one of those things, passin' on yer genes, that are really our only means of attaining immortality.

Suffering depression is not my idea of heroism or virtue. It is simply something I go through because of events in my past and the ways I dealt with those at the times they occurred. It's physiological and wouldn't have befallen me if circumstances of my life had been different. But there you have it. Here I am. What's done is gone and I live with the consequences because I choose to keep living.

Maybe I will get past the misery and self-loathing that seem to pop up out of nowhere or which are an apparent inevitability whenever I'm feeling particularly happy about something going right for me, like the recent First Outstanding I received on my Employee Appraisal at my job of the last 8 years. After the review with my supervisor (thanks Neil, I couldn't have worked there 8 years if you weren't such a great guy to work with and for! {butkiss} LOL!) I got totally bummed. I mean to where all I could think of was taking a couple of days off so that I could just sleep and forget about everything I wasn't doing or going to do or think about my family of Boo and SunnyD and me cuz we're not a family anymore and ...


Yesterday, Saturday, was Ashley's 12th birthday. I'll drop off a couple of her gifts on Monday after work cuz her mom just started a new job this past week and is tired and, well, blah blah blah... LOL! Boo's at her Dad's house today so tomorrow after work it is.

This is her 3rd B-Day since I met her Mom. I liked the kiddo right away but I know it took her a while to get used to me. The fact that she and I became such good buds, and particularly how we did it by being honest and respectful of one another, is one of those things that reassures me that I really am a good person. That I really can be a good father.

I don't know if we'll drift apart. I, sadly, imagine it to be likely since there is neither any reason nor any way for me to be a part of her Mom's life and therefor not much chance to be a part of hers for a whole lot longer. I hope she will always know how much I care for her; for what she makes of her life and what the future holds in store for her. How wonderful a kid she totally and completely is. No matter with whom (if anyone) I manage to find Love and Happiness in my future, I'll always consider my Boogrrrl my eldest daughter. When I get so depressed I just don't care about anything, I promise that I'll try to remember that she may need someone else to lean on someday. I told her that I'll be there if she ever does. I can't be a liar, even if she never does.

Anyhow, all this maudlin ramblin' was precipitated by a saddening but beautiful post of a wonderful author name of amba at AmbivaBlog who's beyond her child-bearing years. Ambivalence? Yah. I know about ambivalence.

It's recommended reading if you're like me and occasionally find inspiration from the lives of others.

Thanks to the Mighty Middle, not just for the link to Amba's site, which he supplied within his own story of hectic travel and family, er, fun. But for reminding me (as I need over and over and over and over) that "if only"s about the past don't have any potential for resolution.
The way I think the game is played is that you live your little life in a sort of matrix formed by DNA and environment, free will and random chance. You're young and then not so much. You're healthy, and not, and healthy again, and sick all over. Sometimes you make smart moves, and sometimes it's like you're throwing the game. Things go well, things fall apart. Life goes from good to bad and back to good. Then, eventually you die and it's game over. No one thing, not even something as big and important as children, makes your life good. Heredity, environment, your own decisions, and sheer dumb luck are always in play. You can't pull your life apart and say "I wish I had done this, and wish I had avoided that." Your life is too complicated. It's a house of cards. We do not have, and cannot ever have, enough information to look back over our lives and say if only . . .
Happy Sunday y'all. We got another week comin'.

And for that I'm glad.

So Much for "Hoping" ...

[Link] Rioting over the controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad claimed another 16 lives last night in Nigeria as churches were burned by protesting Muslims.

The violence erupted as the Danish cartoonist whose drawings originally sparked the furore, Kurt Westergaard, used an interview with a British newspaper to defend the right to a free press - and said the Islamic faith provided 'spiritual ammunition' for terrorism.

The story goes on to say that 40% of British muslims polled said they want Sharia Law enacted within Britain.


And that headcase pol from Italy, the one who seems to have forgotten that he's a big time government official and thus subject to harsher scrutiny when it comes to being politically sensitive, he's gotten what he was bound to get for wearing a Mo shirt.

The protesters in Libya, angry over the minister's T-shirt, had stormed an Italian Consulate in Benghazi on Friday and were fired on by Libyan soldiers. Here in Italy, critics of Roberto Calderoli, the reforms minister who showed off his T-shirt on television earlier this week, blamed him for the violence — and even his own political allies, including Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, demanded his resignation.

Idiot. There was nothing illegal about wearing the shirt and blaming him for the rioters stupidity is just plain immature and utterly irresponsible. I think it'd be cool to see a few of those shirts around town.

But dude is a minister of the freakin' Italian government! One would really think he might realize he's not an average Joseppi whilst in that capacity and that he will be held to different standards of conduct, just as are School Boards and every other official in a secular government, because their actions can be construed as potentially restrictive of others' rights and freedom. Nice shirt. Baaaaad idea.

I'm tired. My PC went whacked out on me this morning when I was first writing this up and things have not gotten much better as the day has progressed. At least the 'puter is working again.

So I'll just leave it at that...

No, and better yet, I'll leave y'all with a little hope for peace in the middle east, curtesy of The Onion. (and I'm still shakin' me noggin' ...)

{sigh.. .}

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Was Hoping ...

I was hoping I wouldn't see anything like this: 9 Dead in Libya Clashes Over Cartoons.

The best I can say is that it looks as if they died in a Mob Rush on the Italian Embassy. No one purposefully fatwahed anyone else.

They were just clumsy idiots. Like the folk trying to get into the Who show in Cincinatti back in the day.

{shakin'head} (been doin' that a lot lately, eh...)

Thanks to the Two Percenters for the link.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheney Blames Self (No?! Really?!)

Silence Broken as Cheney Points Only to Himself - New York Times
(Cheney) said no one had intended to blame the hunting partner, Harry M. Whittington, for being in the line of fire after coming up unannounced about 30 yards from Mr. Cheney.
Well why the hekk not? If that's what happened, then say "that's what happened." People don't believe a word of this bozo's BS anyhow. Why not tell the truth, even if it does look bad?

All right, that's the last
I'll say herein on this tripe.

Forget XM Amigo

Jim and Travis

Check out this story before making any Xtraterrestial choices. XM's gettin' squeamish or somethin'.

I vote you keep the Jungle on over the Air regardless! Actually, if you really love your job, then keep both the Radio and the TV gigs. I listen on my lunch hour every day and would really hate to see what our locals might put in your slot. When I have Cable again, I'll be watching that show again as well.

The Jungle rocks van Smack!
M Bains in C-Town

a personally evolving organism

Thursday, February 16, 2006

You Either Love Him or You Hate Him

I've always, I mean always, disagreed with that silly absolute.

George Will is a consistently Conservative commentator who views just happen to coalesce in a POV much more progressive than many on the Left. As a matter of fact, I've always found that Right and Left go out the window when it comes to Will. He's conservative. Not a total Wingnut for good's sake.

In today's Washington Post online, Will writes on the likelihood of a novel's worth of disclaimers Congress will find necessary the next time it votes on authorization for War Powers to a President.
[Link] But, then, perhaps no future president will ask for such congressional involvement in the gravest decision government makes -- going to war. Why would future presidents ask, if the present administration successfully asserts its current doctrine? It is that whenever the nation is at war, the other two branches of government have a radically diminished pertinence to governance, and the president determines what that pertinence shall be. This monarchical doctrine emerges from the administration's stance that warrantless surveillance by the National Security Agency targeting American citizens on American soil is a legal exercise of the president's inherent powers as commander in chief, even though it violates the clear language of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was written to regulate wartime surveillance.
(emphasis mine)

And it's not bad enough that this Administration is so inept that they can't seem to do anything according to their stated plan, they can't even agree on simple language giving equal powers to each of the three branches of our constitutional government!

Anyway, the argument that the AUMF contained a completely unexpressed congressional intent to empower the president to disregard the FISA regime is risible coming from this administration. It famously opposes those who discover unstated meanings in the Constitution's text and do not strictly construe the language of statutes.

The administration's argument about the legality of the NSA program also has been discordant with its argument about the urgency of extending the USA Patriot Act. Many provisions of that act are superfluous if a president's wartime powers are as far-reaching as today's president says they are.

I know it's been said many times and many ways but I'm not afraid because I'm doing something wrong. I'm afraid because the power being sought and claimed by this bunch of literal fascists makes it only necessary for me to disagree with them in order for them to procure a wiretap. If No One needs to verify the reasoning and necessity of such, then no one
even needs know it's been activated or to what ends! THAT goes quite distinctly and precipitously against both the Spirit and the Letter of the Law.

Will goes on to refute another favorite neo-con dogmatism.

Besides, terrorism is not the only new danger of this era. Another is the administration's argument that because the president is commander in chief, he is the "sole organ for the nation in foreign affairs." That non sequitur is refuted by the Constitution's plain language, which empowers Congress to ratify treaties, declare war, fund and regulate military forces, and make laws "necessary and proper" for the execution of all presidential powers . Those powers do not include deciding that a law -- FISA, for example -- is somehow exempted from the presidential duty to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed."

This kind of Opinion is, to my memory, fairly typical of Mr Will. I do think he gets caught up in his conservatism, sometimes to the exclusion of brilliant new understandings of our species ability to overcome trials of life. It takes a lot more than simple (LMAO!!!) individualism to deliver many of the assurances and assertions of the Declaration of Independance or our US Constitution and he does seem to be a little caught up tradition for tradition's sake.

But that's also something which I must admit to being a little bit, well, okay, extremely opposed to in my own thinking. In other words, I think tradition sucks ba... er, well, that is to say that I see more to eschew than to embrace in many of the traditions with which I've grown up.

So, the next time someone from the other side of the fence tells you "it's love him or hate him", just tell them that that is one tradition this country can absolutely use less of


That reminds me, something else this country can use less of is the idiotic argument that you have to be theist or agnostic because there's no way to be an honest atheist because you can't prove there can't be a sentient creator of our universe.

{shakin'head} Silly freakin' Humans...

The last several comments after mine were all sound reasons to keep reading TRA's site. And, as Mookie said, on this post he's finally got his head outta his a... uhhh, well, you can click the link and read it if ya like. {-;

For All Y'all 24-o-philes

I just get so bored with TV dramas...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Another Vein

This sounds soo much like Hacket losing Party support. Only with the twist that the WA party just wants the Seat and doesn't care what's the message just so long as the man is electable.

er'uhhmm... Oh. Wait a minute...
[Link] Cantwell, like every other Democratic senator, really only heard from anti-Alito constituents in great numbers for two or three days before the final vote. That level of frenzy should have started on Halloween, the (appropriate) day Alito was nominated, and never let up for an hour until Alito withdrew his nomination. Nothing of the kind happened, and that's our failure. Not Cantwell's. Ours. Though Cantwell has pissed on her base, again, as with more than a dozen other moderate Democratic senators, the candidates that might challenge her — Mark Wilson's quixotic antiwar primary campaign, and Aaron Dixon's rumored Green Party bid — are so hopelessly disadvantaged in organization, money, and support as to be politically meaningless.
That's just some bloody damned pointless electioneering if you really want the best compromise in a candidate. At least Sherrod Brown is a progressive and pretty far left for the current Party. I wonder if he an' Arlen could inject a little spine into Lieberman...

In that spirit, here's today's daily from Media Matters.

Take Action

Yesterday, Media Matters for America released the study "If It's Sunday, It's Conservative," which reveals how conservative voices significantly outweigh progressive voices on three prominent Sunday talk shows. You might have suspected that you were seeing more imbalanced coverage on these programs; now, there is definitive proof. For example, study found that in 2005, Republicans and conservatives held a dramatic advantage in guest bookings for these shows, outnumbering Democrats and progressives by a margin of 58 percent to 42 percent.

This study -- the first of its kind -- shows how conservatives dominate ABC's This Week, CBS' Face the Nation, and NBC's Meet the Press. In every year examined by the study -- 1997 through 2005 -- more panels tilted right (a greater combined number of Republicans and conservatives than Democrats and progressives) than tilted left. In some years, there were two, three, or even four times as many right-tilting panels as left-tilting panels.

This tilt is unacceptable, especially because the networks present these programs as objective and nonpartisan. We need you to help highlight this imbalance!

You can read the executive summary of the report here. Then click here to tell your friends about it.

If the producers of these programs feel that their credibility (and ratings) is threatened by public knowledge of this lack of balance, future programs may be more balanced. Help keep them accountable by spreading the word about their conservative tilt!

Please forward this email to your friends.

© 2005 Media Matters for America
1625 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20036

I kinda like raw news with no tilt. The Networks are just following the money and that's fine except for the polls saying they're the most trusted people in the news. But it's mostly for production quality.

Yeah.. I don't know or even think there's some agenda other than rating$ and their own industry's, uhmm, artistic respect.

It's not like they're bloggers.


But maybe they are, and news is just evolving away from Central Broadcastin' types. Heheh ... One knows certain faux news programs are just as stilted as your average wingnut or moonbat blog.

And there are some good ones. But they're blogs and even Kos has far less budget than Brit or Bill. As least I could finish listening to Brit's bit. Bill is one messed up dude. And waaayyy out of his league for credibility. He's about even w/ Rush, but only a few steps above his close ideological cousins at godhatesfags.

Anyhow, I'm gonna send more emails to congressors to work on that Camp Finance re-engineering for a serious overhaul.

Cavs in double overtime!!!